The Start

Here is just another renovation blog.

Here is the story – I grew up on a farm in upstate NY and when I am in city I invariably miss the country. So my siblings and I often end up back at our parents farm – so much so that during the summer it is a bit like living at home again (that is, if your version of home involves a working farm). So my sisters and I bought a dilapidated little farmhouse in the town over from our parents place and we are hoping to fix it up into an elegant little number.

This is the Greek revival farmhouse that we bought. My photographer sister took this series of photos the day after the closing when we hadn’t touched anything. It looks a lot cleaner in these pictures than it is right now – plaster, sawdust and moldy drywall have a way of working themselves everywhere.

The original house was probably built in the 1850’s- 1870’s and has expanded along the kitchen el to incorporate what used to be a woodshed. In the 60’s the new owners built a new house to the north of the property and converted our house into three apartments. Eventually the land was subdivided leaving 4 acres with our house.

There are three extremely small outdated kitchens, three small bathrooms, three mudrooms and when we bought the house there were 4 small bedrooms. In order to turn the three units into one unit we had to remove two of the bedrooms so that we could access the back apartment. Being that the house is about 150 or so years old – and has had three separate units for almost 50 years there have been various ‘updates’ in each apartment over time that have signs of each era. One of my favorite touches is the brick floor linoleum in the back apartments dining area. An upside to renovating an apartment house is that most of the changes were cosmetic, and because the layout isn’t original, it gives us the opportunity to choose a modern floor plan without being afraid to ruin any historical details. Let us hope the process proves interesting and not disastrous! And now to work.