Our Backyard

Our Property is a little under 4 acres and stretches up a hillside behind us. It has some marshy spots and also some nice pasture. We plan to do some heavy landscaping around the house to minimize some draining problems, and make a level playing field for games, and to also hide the traffic from the house – we live on a milk plant route and often have huge milk trucks barreling around the corner – that and tractors with hay bales – I love the country! We also hope to get a nice pond by enlarging a couple of the ditches that are filled with canary grass (a good sign!) … these photos of course don’t show the landscape that well but you can see that the elevation rises up behind us. Also the picnic table has to be repainted (another freebie from the parents) – i am considering colors … white so it looks modern? turquoise? green? yellow? purple? the options are endless – black or navy would be sexy as well … hmmm