Favorite Kitchens

You can kind of see a theme here – long deep islands and long long tables, tall ceilings, skylights!, stoves or fireplaces (how lovely would it be to wake up in the winter and put on some fresh logs onto the fire as you relax with your coffee and morning reading?), architectural
symmetry, banks of counter space (can you imagine being able what you could do with 16 or more feet of preparation space???), open shelving, walk-in conveniently located pantries, white walls, stone, waxed -wood, ceramics, porcelain , ironstone, and tile and lots and lots of natural light.

ps- this is one of those posts that are from my kitchen inspiration folder. I will try to credit sources once i find out where i got some of these photos.

the door to the outside leading straight from the kitchen is so romantic:

the layout of table being mirrored by a substantial island – it seems so informal and practical:

image from House and Garden

unpainted floors and painted glossy everything else looks so fresh!:

light and symmetry- so glamorous!:

image from House and Garden

Large work-horsey islands – it looks like you could cook for a royal dinner party in these kitchens:

skylights :

fireplace in and couch in the kitchen! so cosy:

lots of white:

so many windows:

french bistro chairs and the light:

fresh and vintage-y green colors:

image from Country Living

of course the much admired standard: