Have a Happy Weekend!

I have been having so much fun getting into blogging again. I am heading to my parents farm this weekend to keep my mom company while my dad is out of town. Hopefully I can get some measurements of the house this weekend too…

This is the bouquet my boyfriend got me for valentines day… so sweet!

Set Design For Inspiration

A well done set becomes a character all its own; here are some of my favorites:

images from SetDecorators.org

The Set of Brothers & Sisters is so warm and inviting with the grass cloth wallpaper – and if you ever see the show – Nora’s walk in Pantry is to die for.

This is a briefly shown set from Men In Trees – Anne Heche’s city apartment. I just love how warm and subtly sophisticated it is.

The grass green and the cherry red with the layered white, creams and beiges of Bridget Moynahan’s office in 6 degrees seems so fresh. The office of Meryl Streep’s Character in The Devil Wears Prada below uses a similar palate but the whites are creamier, the reds more lipstick and the greens more glass – and of course there is a generous dose of glamorous added with all the glossy black, silver, chrome and brass.

Some Links to Other Favorites:

hooked on houses does ‘The Holiday’

Cote de Texas does ‘Somethings Gotta Give’

And two other great sources for your favorite sets:

Silver Screen Surroundings

SDSA – setdecorators.org

Home Spread

all images from Home oct-2007

Sometimes you have a magazine spread that you keep going back to, bookmarked, smudged and creased because it is so good. ‘Home’ is a magazine that my mother subscribes because she likes the product recommendations (She and my father have been updating their farmhouse for years). I prefer a magazine with a touch more glamorous whimsy to its photos and layout, and Home sometimes seems dry to me – however this article made me rethink my opinions. This house was designed using recommendations of a focus group of women, and the design is really well thought out because of that. There are tons of little details that seem really smart and practical; Look at the floor plan for some of the luxurious details that make this house so inspirational.