Stone Walls

images from house and garden

image from Country Gardens

One detail I love is stacked rock walls – in our area there are a lot of crumbling low rock walls running along old fields – and some fancy flat stone stacked walls enclosing area cemeteries and fancy houses. Below is the rock wall I started this summer, the winter shot is before we had bought the house, and the summer shot is late august, the rock wall is a bit taller now, I wish I had a better photos of it.

This project is one of my favorites (I still plan on making it taller and running the wall further along – I just ran out of rocks at the moment, once the ground thaws and my father can do more earth work I can claim more :) – It was physical work that I could do outside when I got frustrated with the messy (never ending ) projects inside, and it had dramatic results after just a few hours of work. My mother actually came over and helped me with moving quite a bit of the rocks and we spent the time chatting and laughing about our upper arm workout – although from the highway we must have looked like two crazy women slinging rocks in mud boots and sun hats.

I know that the rock wall might well fall apart because I didn’t use any kind of cement or bonding agent but I figure that will just make them look old – which was my hope anyway :). Supposedly you can spray diluted yogurt on rocks to make the moss and lichen grow, which I may do eventually as well.

2 thoughts on “Stone Walls”

  1. Hello! Great blog! You did a wonderful job on your stone wall! I'm very impressed.
    My husband & I are redoing a antique farmhouse in NH, and it's always been my vision to stone under the front and side porches… but at present the budget is getting a little tight for that, so maybe we will do it ourselves; we have lots of fieldstones because of the remodel. Thanks for the inspriation!!
    btw, most of the antique stone walls were dry-stacked and have stood for hundreds of years, so you are in good company!

  2. thanks :) Oh I definitely think its a fun doable project to do on your own. good luck!

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