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This is just a little ‘illustration’ I did of the house facade in Photoshop to help me envision what the house would look like without the extended enclosed porch. I just couldn’t help but post it along with the floor plans. The proportions read better right? as you can see there would still be the original ‘inverted’ porch which is a classic Greek Revival farmhouse element.
p.s this is the facade of the front of the house , from the top of the floor plans

This is the floor plan of the house when we got it – 3 separate apartments,each shaded in a different color. For a sense of scale you can see the 10′ square I included in the illustration

This is the house with the changes we have made in red – most of the changes we have made are the unsexy ones, like replacing the collapsed septic – patching the roof leaks, removing moldy drywall and insulation from said roof leaks, and just opening up old doorways that were turned into closets. I have pages and pages of lists of all the little annoying things we had to fix (some of them accomplished others not) but mostly we wanted to get a feel of what the house was like at different times of year, how it sat in the site etc, etc before we made any major permant changes.

This is the floor plan drawn up by the previous, previous owners who actually did the renovations in the 60’s. I almost cried when my realtor dug it out of her papers – the things I learned about how the house was orignally constructed and used is invaluable. As you can probably tell I am a bit of a historic nut – and there are lots of details here I just wouldn’t have been able to know without this plan.

One of the most interesting details in this plan is how part of the house used to be a woodshed – the back el of this house actually has huge hand hewn beams – which I cant wait to uncover. This summer during a particularly grueling demo day I was rewarded by realizing that the ceiling is hung off on (rather new) 2x4s running parallel to the length of the structure – which means structurally that they aren’t holding up the roof. The roof Which I have a feeling is also pretty new (the proportions feel kind prefab / mobile home-ish) is being held up by a few massive and barn-like beams. So the hope is to strip down this back area to the barn-like core and have it as a great room for the eventual kitchen, dining and living and studio area. You can sort of see the beams in this picture of the converted wood shed below- they are hidden by the dropped ceiling in the rest of the building.

p.s -Ignore the Bavarian beer hall decor of this back room – we will be making it a far simpler and more appropriate choices – although every guy I have shown this house LOVES this room in particular. I personally love the scale – but think the decor is insane. The ‘chandelier’ is actually an old yoke with red glass lanterns. The creepy red light it throws totally freaks me out.

4 thoughts on “Floor Plans”

  1. This house project of yours is so exciting! I hope I’ll be able to see it sometime. I also really love your blog!! Interior design is so exciting :)

    ps. I was wondering what a “mudroom” is??? ……

  2. Hi Beta :)

    a Mudroom is a like an entry hall to the house that you use to take of your outdoor gear when you are dirty – kind of like a regular entrance, but a bit grungier for us country folk :)

    I’m glad you are enjoying the blog too, It has been an amazing way for me to really organize my thoughts on the house so far :). You have to come visit!

  3. Oh, yea, floor plans! this is the meat and potato portion of the meal that I love.

    So wouldn’t it be a fun feature to add a “hide a door” secret passage door disguised as a bookcase, that you could lock, of course, when you didn’t want anyone to enter. Just thinking since you will keep it three apts and since it’s you and your sister’s living there you could have fun with this feature to escape pesky boyfriends or annoying neighbors through a secret passage way for fun.

  4. I love the idea of secret/hidden spaces in houses. We actually plan on making the house a one family again – but making lots of bedrooms/ guest suites (perhaps with mini kitchens) in different corners of the house. My sister is to great of a cook to not share a kitchen. But I do like that idea of having parts of the house being able to be private… interesting. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to decide on only one plan… there are so many options…

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