Before and During

The problem with ‘Before and Afters’ is that we don’t really have any ‘Afters’ yet because everything is still being done, and most everything we have done so far is just temporary so we haven’t done any finish work that would make you say ‘wow that is an improvement’ its more like – wow that is still a mess!

This picture is a perfect example of what we have done – we removed the fake paneling, and strange wallpaper board, but are left with drywall with raised glue marks – and because I am not sure of the eventual layout of this bathroom we have just left it. We replaced the sink with the one we got on sale. Which really changes the scale of the room. Do You notice how low the windows are on the second floor – apparently this style of window is called a ‘pocket’ window because to open them they slip up into the wall. It is a disconcerting height to have windows but the dogs love looking out them – they are at the perfect level for them.

My favorite change though is the floor. The self-stick tiles were in fine condition but I couldn’t help but remove them – it was sticky sticky work because they were stuck directly onto the old floor. The funny thing is that I decided to remove them the week before my sisters boyfriend’s parents were coming to visit and it was a mad scramble to finish it before they arrived… It was a weird process involving crowbars, paint scrapers, hammers, crowbars and scary toxic goop-off to remove the left over adhesive but the result is really nice in person.

Mostly that has been our projects, removing out of date paneling and linoleum, floor tiles, basically just peeling back the aging cheap superficial layers. I promise we have a vision that will look better than this eventually.

2 thoughts on “Before and During”

  1. Even the smallest of changes in a big redo like yours is a huge accomplishment! I think the progress is big, and looks great!
    Hey, I have a (newer) pedestal sink (I think I even have two!) and an antique claw foot tub if you are interested! Yours for the taking! Also several old (working) radiators. Just give me a shout out if you are interested! I’d be happy to send you pics.

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