One of the pluses of my parents farm is that it has many springs that feed numerous ponds and even shares access to a 30 acre lake – did you know that there is no scientific specification between a pond and a lake? there are various reasons people use, whether the body of water is over an acre, whether the pond is a basin of still rain water or is fed by a freshwater springs, the supported wildlife,the depth, whether or not it is deep/ clear enough to have plant life grow on the bottom.In truth a lot of ponds have been renamed lakes in the past couple years because it raises property values to be next to crystal lake as opposed to dishwater pond.

We are planning on making a small pond in the back behind the house -expanding an already wet ditch to fill with water, and also cutting off an old line from a spring house that runs to a cistern in our basement so we can remove the cistern in the basement and some of the dampness as well (the water supply we use now is from a drilled well) Our property is pretty wet already a lot of springs coming out of the hillside, but that way we can harness some of the water and keep it from swirling into the house foundation on its trip down the slope behind the house towards the brook across the road.