Tree story.

So there were 5 pine trees around the back side of the house, probably meant to disguise the long weird facade with no windows, but two of them were growing up against the house and the other three looked as if they were ready to give up. Trees messing up foundations are a big no-no so we thought it best to remove them. Below are before , during and after.
Now before you think I am a giant tree killer, look at what my father was able to do – amazingly my dad was able to replant 4 of them along our border (the 5th one didn’t make it) , and they are growing greener than ever! You can see them in a little row in the bottom picture. I still can not believe it. The Tall one still looks a bit silly because it is all lopsided from growing up against the house. It makes me really happy that we were able to save them.

here they are ( the row of pine trees on the left) this winter. Still going strong! My sister took this shot of the house -look how my dog is staring at her adoringly.

2 thoughts on “Tree story.”

  1. Wow, I’m so impressed you were able to transplant them since they were so large! Nice job. We were shocked to hear people here talk about Pine trees with such disdain- being from the South we’ve always loved them.
    Great save! Oh and cute puppy dog! j.

  2. Yeah I was surprised they all made it actually :) but it was a relief that they did. I am really missing my dog most on this trip, I cant wait to see her once I get back :)

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