While I’m gone

image from Goldilocks finds Manhattan

One of my sisters also blogs. She blogs about food and farming stuff. I recommend it. I’m hopeless at cooking myself but a genius at eating it! She recently invited me and her boyfriend to this delicious meal with The girl who ate everything. Robyn’s blog is also amazing – and she and her friends are always lovely dinner companions. Be warned these blogs will make you very very hungry!


2006 ad campaign shot by Tim Walker for Kate Spade via Fashion Forever

tomorrow, TOMORROW – I am going to fly out to LA to begin a 2 1/2 week road trip back to the NY. My boyfriend is moving back east! so I am busying myself with packing and doing everything that I forgot to do earlier. Since this is a once in a life time opportunity for photos I am debating on whether i should bring my canon rebel (it is so light and portable)- or should i borrow my sister’s 20d.

We will be driving back along mostly coast – first down to San Diego then through Texas – then around the gulf of Mexico heading driving down along the west side of Florida and then driving over to Miami (I was able to convince the boyfriend that Miami was on the way from LA to NY) and then driving north back along the coast. I am so EXCITED! I am going to get to see so much of America that I haven’t before.

The main reason for the trip is that our third passenger (below) isn’t allowed to fly. How adorable is he? Yes, he is wearing a tie – only the fanciest outfits for his blog debut. Anyways I have been blogging like mad and I have scheduled some of my blog posts to appear automatically in the next 2 and a half weeks, but if I don’t comment or respond to you, it is not because I don’t care, it is because I will be away from my computer.

p.s- recommendations welcome!

Are Chandeliers Over?

image from House and Garden?

Right after posting my wood paneled wall post I read the editorial that Paper Aeroplane posted – in which paneled walls are named as tacky! I guess it is the nature of design; a theme feels fresh and creatively juicy and then after a while the idea loses a bit of its juice and its luster. I think tongue and cheek themes like the modern play on Louis furniture, or chandeliers in the bathroom can seem like joke told one to many times, the unexpected mix becomes expected and silly.

But is ‘glamor’ passe? I think after a decade or so of dollar stores and Walmart’s, selling us affordable plasticized versions of everything under the sun fabricated cheaper by the labor of less privileged nations – it has been nice to appreciate quality, real materials, valued labor. I feel like we are interested by where our ‘things’ come from, and the impact that their creation and often times disposal has on the environment. Not that I always shop that way – but there is more information out there for us to learn about the consequences of our purchases. I hope that glamor means something new, that luxury means something new -less is more, quality is more, light, air and space is more. That must be the country girl in me thinking fresh air and sunlight are glamorous! lol. Anyways the editorial is candy for thought. Truth be told I have really been enjoying this lack of marketing in the media directed at me as a buyer. I know it isn’t good for the economy – but I sometimes felt like a walking target – you need this! you life will be better with this! how can you not have this? get it in all 10 colors… And now because I am rambling I am going to end this post.

Unpainted Paneling

image from Old House Renovation Magazine

image from Domino – Thom Filicia lake house bathroom

I never thought that I would like unpainted wood paneling – but it is really feeling fresh to me. Currently though I am LOVING painted horizontal wood paneling (I’m working on that post). How beautiful is that antique wood in the top pic? it is such an unbelievable color…