Design To Inspire’s Easter Reading Guide

My little blog was featured on Design To Inspire’s Easter Reading Guide which was the best news to wake up to :). To those visiting the blog from Design to Inspire Hello, and welcome!

I am still on the road trip. Currently I am at my boyfriend’s cousin’s house in Cape Hatteras North Carolina relaxing before our final leg of our journey back home. It has been a really lovely trip I have seen so much of America, and been hosted by so many generous people, and eaten so much delicious food and relaxed on many lovely beaches – it has been a trip to remember… Below is how we have traveled so far. We stuck to the coast, hoping to get the most of the warm weather before we head back up north.

That said, I will be happy to be home tomorrow, to have my own bed- as much as I love to travel I am also a bit of a homebody. I am also looking forward to reading all the blogs that I havent seen for the last 2 1/2 weeks – it will be awhile before I catch up on it all.

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  1. Wow! Quite a long trip – congrats on making it without hurting anyone…at least that you’ve blogged about, that is…. :-)

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