Batch of Open shelves

image from house beautiful

image from house beautiful

image from domino

image from house beautiful

image from cottage style

I love open shelves – mainly I love them because I tend to forget how I last organized things, I tend to switch things around a lot – to the chagrin of my roommates as well. I also love how when cooking it takes out one extra step – no opening doors and closing doors- it makes everything so easily accessible. I think the proportions of the standard closed American upper cabinets certainly leave something to be desired… I find them to deep and too short… but that is just me …

There are downsides to open shelving of course, dust being one and I think open shelves call for a monochromatic set, or at least a very curated collection of dinnerware to keep things from looking messy. I think maybe a good combination of closed cupboards (for the messy bits), open shelving (for the daily used indestructible sets), and glass fronted cabinets (for the special occasion displays) is the best way to go.

11 thoughts on “Batch of Open shelves”

  1. I love the open shelving concept – for it’s aesthetic as well as ease of use. But, our kitchen is really my husband’s kitchen…and neat as he is for a man, he’s still a man; things need to be out of sight in order for me to feel any sort of tranquility. :)

  2. I have a few open shelves which I adore — it DOES force you to put things away neatly (I’m a closet/drawer/cabinet stuffer) and things are also handy. But I must admit that there are some things that need to be “behind closed doors”!

  3. The photo from domino is one of my favorites, the shelves have that pretty mutted “mushroom” color which sets the dishes off nicely.
    Nice blog!

  4. I’ve always loved open shelving but I can’t quite seem to pull it off. This is a nice round up – I especially like the third and fourth pics.

  5. Open shelves in a kitchen makes a house look like a home, a great way to decorate and being practical at the same time, love your post.

  6. ohhh i love this…and it doesnt look cluttered at all which is what i would have thought if someone said “open shelves”

    thanks for sharing!

  7. We put in open shelves when we remodeled our kitchen. I went with white everyday dishes (Martha Stewart has a great white line) and I accent with transferware. The shelves change throughout the year as I use red transferware from Christmas through winter, blue for spring and summer and brown transferware for fall.

  8. wow, thanks for all the comments! :) I love hearing about what you think :)

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