Olive and Avacado kitchen

So I am back from yet another trip – when we got back from our cross-country road trip, my parents offered to treat me and my boyfriend to a trip to Iceland as long as we did some errands and favors for them. It was a really lovely trip – I got to see lots of family and friends, and I was able to introduce my boyfriend to Iceland (and its cuisine) .

Now that we are back home – I am just loving the idea of staying put for a bit :). I also wanted to post pictures from an Icelandic kitchen that I love. Pardon the not so great picture quality that I took with my tiny camera.

This kitchen is very small – but it is one of my favorite to prepare in because the proportions are just so well thought out. The one generous window fills all the counters with light – and when you are cooking everything seems just in reach. I love the depth of the counters ( you can fit an appliance and still have a lot of prep room) and because the counter top is a little shorter than the American standard you can still reach the to the back. I also appreciate how narrow and tall the top cabinets are ( you don’t lose anything in the back of the shelf). Also the height between the bottom of the top cabinets and the counter top surface , and the shallowness of the cabinets themselves allows for a very generous light-filled working space.

I personally think actually one of the reasons we have been having a lusting for open shelving is because the standard top kitchen cabinets available here in America are designed very badly – they are too square, to deep to short and hung too low. does anyone agree?

This kitchen aside from the refrigerator is completely original (btw Icelanders use small refrigerators like most Europeans although the one here is small by even European standards). One things that I really love about this kitchen is the high sheen that is created with the professionally applied glossy oil finish – a common effect in Icelandic interior trim work. I also love the way the cabinet for dishes is slanted and uses sliding doors – it actually works very well for accessing everything you need ( glasses on the bottom shelf, then bowls and mugs, then plates, then large serving bowls etc…). I also adore the tiny white tiles with seemingly random gold ones in between which also serve to reflect a huge amount of light.

I fear the rainy day and my lack of photographic skills combined with my tiny camera don’t do the kitchen justice – but I hope you enjoyed the mini tour all the same :).

6 thoughts on “Olive and Avacado kitchen”

  1. Totally enjoyed the tour! Loved the commentary. Your parents sent you to ICELAND?! Holy Ravioli! For a girl from small corner, small town, small state, USA that is about as unique, outrageous, awesome as it gets!

  2. thanks :) – I actually Icelandic so it wasn’t as exotic for me as it sounds – although I had a great trip and loved the opportunity to visit again :). I’m glad you enjoyed the pics :)

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