Bulldogs Everywhere!

image from Domino via Shelter

Once I relate to a trend I see it everywhere – My sister and I have been watching my boyfriend’s Bulldog named ‘Big Head’. Did you know that English Bulldogs are a supposedly a cross between a Mastiff and a Pug? I wonder how that happened!

image from Southern Accents

image from ‘Curtain Exchange ad’ in Southern Accents

and finally a shot of Big Head in Cedar Island, North Carolina

Country Farmhouse Renovation in The Northwest

I have been having a slight inspiration dry spell lately (have you noticed my lack of posts?)- but this glamorous simplicity of this house renovation really got me back in the mood for posting ideas again.

I am sure many of you are already familiar with A Country Farmhouse, but I wanted to feature the amazing renovation here. Trina’s farmhouse, built in 1926 and on the other side of the country is like ours in that it had multiple small additions that had been added on over time. By removing some of the smaller additions, redoing the dining room add-on, adding a dormer to the half story, leveling out the landscape around the house, and (my favorite part) adding a lovely wraparound porch they transformed their sweet but outdated house into a showstopping gem. Seriously – isn’t this just your dream country home?

The house is still cute here, but very busy – lots of additions – look at those during pictures – it must have been so exciting…

And the after – that is what a call a glamorous porch!

I just love how this facade went from perfectly fine to utterly fantastic!

Another beautiful transformation

and I had to include these two shots because they look like they are straight out of a magazine – I just love,love,love those counter tops! and how beautiful is that bath?

All these photos are from Trina’s blog; A Country Farmhouse.