Opinions needed!!

So this is one of my NYC street finds – it is missing the glass – presumably why it was thrown out originally . I am torn on what to do with it exactly. The room that we are using as our living room right now doesn’t have any windows just doorways to other rooms that have windows so I was hoping that this piece would glam it up/ reflect light in a nice way.

But I need help because I cant make up my mind AT ALL. So please any feedback or ideas is appreciated – I have 4 options here to choose from (please forgive my photo shop silliness). The thing is I love the color of the wood but it does feel a bit dated and since it was free I am not too concerned about ‘ruining’ it. What do you think?

CHOICE 1 buy a new piece of glass – keep old wood color

CHOICE 2 buy a new piece of glass – paint glossy white color

CHOICE 3 buy a new piece of glass that is mirrored – keep old wood color (my least favorite of all of them)

CHOICE 4 buy a new piece of glass that is mirrored – paint wood color ( to gaudy? fresh?)

Black white and read all over

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I also started to read this book ( a little summer treat for my self)

and this one

Did you know you can buy used books on amazon? the prices are amazing (sometimes on 79 cents for a book (although there is still 3.99 shipping). But when you do you are often supporting a lot of small used bookstore businesses. That is how our neighborhood bookstore (in our tiny town) is able to stay open here because they do so much business over Amazon :D. Not to mention the total luxury of getting a book you want to read sent to your house for only 5 dollars.

Couldn’t Agree More.

‘Comfortable seating, a functional kitchen, lots of storage, a big bathroom, a place to escape’-Derek Sanders on what makes a house a home , Domino Aug 2007

image from Derek Sanders Website

images from NYT

And isn’t it just fitting that this barn in Roxbury that we all blogged about a while back is his? The reserved and yet rustic renovation of this classic barn makes laid-back living seem like the ultimate luxury.