Black white and read all over

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I also started to read this book ( a little summer treat for my self)

and this one

Did you know you can buy used books on amazon? the prices are amazing (sometimes on 79 cents for a book (although there is still 3.99 shipping). But when you do you are often supporting a lot of small used bookstore businesses. That is how our neighborhood bookstore (in our tiny town) is able to stay open here because they do so much business over Amazon :D. Not to mention the total luxury of getting a book you want to read sent to your house for only 5 dollars.

3 thoughts on “Black white and read all over”

  1. Glad you reminded me about that first book – that look's like a wonderful read:) I will check out Amazon.
    Love your photos….as always!

  2. Thanks for the great advice! Maybe my first internet buy will be a book
    I don't decide myself yet

  3. That's interesting. I will remember to check the other prices. Usually, I'm put off by the shipping, but if the book is 79 cents, well…

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