Blue or Red?

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My Chairs

I have Chinoiserie Chippendale faux bamboo chairs that I bought at my favorite junk shop – and although they were originally green I am considering either a hot orange-y red or a royal blue, or maybe a light pink shell. Opinions? I am hoping to use oil paint (I find the finish more even and durable)- Does anyone know where to get oil paint in great colors? I usually mix RustOleum paints to get my own colors, which has led to uneven results – does anyone have a better source?

Sorry about the long absence – late June and early July were busy for me :)

10 thoughts on “Blue or Red?”

  1. Light pink shell sounds lovely – or the blue for more punch. What great finds!

  2. I'm voting for glossy orangey red! What about an enamel type paint? It would look so pretty for a summery home. Or a bold salmon?

  3. benjamin moore or fine paints of europe.curious to know how you stripped the chairs. I have three similar chairs waiting for some TLC.

  4. M- you're sure they're faux? usually the vinatge faux were metal…from the photo they look like they could be bamboo?
    I vote RED- it's a classic!! (then dark wax them!) Do you have a really good hardware store with a good selection of spray paints? That would be sooo much easier (and oil!) Also Tractor Supply has some great spray colors (though not pink;) I was just admiring them this week. They had some great royal blues, and oragngy reds.
    Great find!!

    what did you ever decide with the glass/mirror coffee table?

  5. ooh once again I agree with each and every one of you (I love all your suggestions)- so far tally is as follows –

    blue-4 (supposedly blue is the most often picked for favorite color too)
    red-3 ( I do think that it is really classic)
    light pink-2 ( I think this would make them match in a room more)
    salmon-1 (so tempting!)
    orange-1 (I love a good orange)

    So now I am officially flummoxed- I am going to try and choose a fabric first (I will post those as well) – and maybe then then pick a color after that?

    TheBambinaBlog – My boyfriend and I (isn't he a gem for helping?) stripped the chairs of their paint by actually just scrapping them with putty knives while watching TV in the evenings (it took us over 4 nights to get them done) but the paint was so old and the chairs had been outside under a tent when I bought them that they were almost already paint-less. Good luck with yours!

    for the love of a house- I thought they were bamboo when I bought them (for only 5 and 8 dollars last summer!) but they are actually carved wood made to look like bamboo. As for the coffee table I chickened /burned out and just got a glass insert for the time being- I couldn't make up my mind and I thought I would go with the least exhausting option in the meantime- I will hopefully get around to posting a photo soon!

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