Fabric Possibilities For My Chairs…

I realize that all my posts have been ‘help me decide’ lately – but I have been making so many decisions and processing so many projects that looking at inspiration photos seems, well, uninspiring. I am looking for some fabric to make cushions for my Chinoiserie chairs and below is a collection of really lovely and fun fabric choices that are all available for under 20 dollars per yard (some are 50% off at joannfabrics.com right now).

I thought you guys out there in the blogosphere might enjoy them – also to be fair some of these fabrics are not upholstery material – but I thought I would include them anyways as I am considering making some throw pillows as well…. And if you have any recommendations for me in the process – you know I love them!


Sanibel in Apple Green

Kimino Olive White Slub

Python Tendril Green Daffney

Essence in Spa

Essence in Leaf

Coral Cascade in Lime

Essence in Citrine

Ginseng Pine Celery

Tunisa Chartreuse

Daisy Chain Natural Daisy Bouquet

Palm Beach

Snow Flower Aqua Snow Geo

Daisy Chain Kiwi Mosaic

Monaco Green Fern

Deer Valley Azure Lodge Lattice

Positano Moss


Tunisia Chartreuse

Tazo Texture Chartruse


Snow Flower Black Snow Geo

Flights Of Fancy

Carrie Espresso White

Canopy Black Linen

Carrie Black White

Accord Black

Tunisa Black White

Black & White Abstract

Black /White Peach Skin

Navy Blue White Shirting


Chippendale fretwork

Natural Elegance II Bassett Hall Onyx

The Garden lattice Onyx

Lovely Lattice in Caviar

Black Duck Ticking

Canopy Black

Wildthing Oynx

Chevron Black

Ivory / Black Double Knit


Summer Soiree Chevron

Summer Soiree Animal Party

Deer Valley Goldenrod Lodge Lattice

Yellow Duck Ticking

Flights of Fancy

Key West

Floored Sandstone


Midwest Modern – Honeycomb

Flights Of Fancy

Daisy Chain Grey Daisy


Carrie Lipstick

Traditions Lipstick Red Linen

Canopy Lipstick

Tunisa Lipstick

Large Peony Floral Red

Geranium Floral Ivory

Criss Cross in Cardinal

Coral Cascade in Petal

Madison Lipstick Linen

Floral Lipstick Red Chocolate

Pinking Flower Red

Lodge Lattice Peony

Noveau Bouquet Gold

Avery Texture Tabasco


Acree Hvy Basket Lapis

Criss Cross in Navy

Cadence Thai Blue

Blue Duck Ticking


Navy/White Batik

Curly-Q Spring

Adriana Capri Indoor Outdoor


Harmonics Essence in Sunset

IO Cheetah Natural

Giraffe Java Natural

Key West Chocolate



Cheetah Print Earth

Theorique Chocolat


Baldwin – Wisteria

Sudan Sage

August fields Sunrise Grey


Tree Peony HAR Scarlett

Hazelmere 25217 Sage

Dorset Multi

Aria ML Coral

Carone Chestnut

Trieste Watermelon

Lyndora Cr Multi

Serifina Summer

South Hampton – Berry



Harmonics Harmony Sunset

Suzani Jewel

Maldives Lapis

Pheasant Floral

Yellow Floral Linen Look Shirting

Cream Floral Print Linen

Matisse Sprays Apple Green


White Multi Twill

Black Multi Lawn

Sophia Orange

White Stripe Sateen

13 thoughts on “Fabric Possibilities For My Chairs…”

  1. LOVE looking at fabric swatches! My favorites are: the Essence in Spa, Chippendale Fretwork, Floored Sandstone, Madison Lipstick Linen and Harmonies Essence in Sunset (I really love this one). Have fun!!!

  2. What? How can you decide from all those?! I like the chippendale fretwork with red painted chair. But I need to look back at your blog to see what your house looks like as I just found this blog off a tip from a friend. Love it!

  3. You're not making it much easier! I think it would look really fun to do a bright pink or salmon with the pink fabrics or bright yellow fabrics or black…haha!

  4. How fun to choose fabrics for vintage chair cushions! I like: Python Tendril Green Daffney, Chippendale fretwork, Summer Soiree Animal Party, Criss Cross in Cardinal, Curly-Q Spring, Cheetah Print Earth, Rosalinda.

  5. Well, I'm no help because I'm loving about half of them!
    I had no idea about JoAnn's fabrics on line! (I'm having trouble finding things locally, so thank you for the info!)

    p.s. Looking forward to seeing you!

  6. All of them are so beautiful
    thank you so much, I'm making some pillows too for my home now… and looking for fabrics everywhere

  7. aria ml coral w/orangey red paint on the chairs. that's my vote. new to your blog so i have not gotten all the way through it. love everything i've seen though! i'll be back.


  8. So glad you narrowed them down.


    For the love of a house sent me here. LOVE what you are doing!

  9. Do you have a photo of the chairs now painted? And also a picture of the room they'll be in. Then I would love to pick a fabric.

  10. You know what is horrible? I haven't painted them yet – I just haven't been able to decide on a color – I know it makes me sound ridiculous!

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