Here is a tour of some of my favorite homes in my town.

This house is just so deliciously simple – and yet the quirky offset symmetry makes it so charming!

This house has such clean lines and such a lovely lawn!!

they recently tore down every part of this house except for the front wall you see here and they rebuilt it.

I just love how the aged dark green is so unexpected and yet I think it is so glamorous (maybe I am crazy)

this is so clean and simple – classic Greek Revival!

look at regal setback and how the lawn runs into that lovely stone wall – yummy!

I love this generous porch! it just looks like a friendly house

This is one of my favorite remodels that has been done in the last 10 years – this house was looking a bit rundown when it was on the market about 8 years ago and now it is so handsome – I love how elegant and loved it looks now!

I don’t have a good shot of this house but I do believe they may have won the ‘lawn of the month award’

This place is such a classic farmhouse- (and its for sale ! – which is probably why the lawn looks so neglected)

Anyways I hope you enjoyed a tour through my town – and I hope to put up more soon to show you the examples of local architectural styles that I am hoping to draw inspiration from as we fix up our own house.

3 thoughts on “Here is a tour of some of my favorite homes in my town.”

  1. My first choice was the Greek Revival… LOVE them! But then when you got to the last house, it had me at "neglected"…. love a fixer!!
    It was so fun seeing the houses in your town!

  2. One of my favorite things to do is look at old houses. In college, I interned for the Maine Historic Preservation Commission and I got to survey every house in the county over 50 years old! Talk about house gawking – and I never tired of it. Your town sounds very beautiful. What a wonderful place to live. Trina

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