It has been awhile…

my newest project

As the summer draws to an end my list of projects seems to become more desperate hence I have put blogging on the back burner. So apologies if I made any one worry!

You may look at this buffet and wonder why I bought it – it certainly has a very 90’s color scheme, and someone seems to have given up on searching for replacement hardware … I loved it – it JUST fit into my boyfriend’s dad’s Honda Fit AND was only 2.60 at my favorite junk shop. I just couldn’t resist its clean lines – It took some elbow grease and an eclectic sander and electric planer (which btw is one of my favorite tools), a new coat of paint , new hinges (2 were warped and all of them were painted over) and some new pull handles (1.29 each at Lowes!)

it was originally 5.25! but it was half off due to the end of season sale

one of the first flaws I had to fix both the door had to be planed down, the bent hinges replaced and the piece glued together

the veneer on the top had to be fixed as well – I ended up just scraping the whole thing off after a partial removal-patch job didn’t work so well.

i just love drawer dividers

So here it is folks – the finished product (please be nice and don’t look too hard at the messed up wall or the horrible molding – previous remuddlers were not so kind to the original details in this wing of the house).

p.s- I removed the lacquer from the pulls so they should dull to a classy brass soon :).

8 thoughts on “It has been awhile…”

  1. M- so nice to see you back! And I hear ya on those never-ending-lists of projects. I start my day overwhelmed and then end with a glass of wine, or two;)!
    Love this piece! Of course I can see why you bought it- great lines, not to mention fab price!! You did a wonderful redo.. it looks so happy and at peace now!- it looked a little traumatized in the first photo;) Where will you place it?
    p.s. hello to your Mom & Dad and Jeff and pups! Is your Dad working on those cow hides yet?!

  2. Thanks Joan!

    lol about the wine – I too have found that an evening glass of wine always puts projects into a kind of 'fuzzy' perspective that makes everything a little less overwhelming ;)

    To tell you the truth this will be the temporary home for the piece (in our temporary dining room) the room actually looks alot nicer than this when you zoom out – but I took this picture when everything was a mess ;).

    I will have to ask my dad about the cow hides – he should get on that now that the madness of the summer is starting to wind down!

  3. What a beautiful transformation! I love those elegant legs…they look like the legs of a delicate bird. It looks much happier now – so wonderful when these forgotten pieces get reborn. Trina

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