image via high street market

In the last couple months I have been working on a large project at work. It has been lovely to have work in this climate – but to be honest it has been creatively draining. I have had to put my house projects on the back burner and as a result my posting has suffered. After about two months of blog silence I started to worry that all my fabulous blogging friends would have moved on -but here I am, my first week back posting – and you all make me feel as though I never left! I am always amazed by how supportive and kind and positive this blogging world is. Anyways just know that your support really warms my heart and I am going to try my darnedest to make time for you and my blog! And a special thanks to My Endless Inspiration – for including me in her nomination list for “one lovely blog award”.

Nightmare project

concept illustration by Ron Marvin

This article made me think of all those awkward design projects where the client and designer relationship doesn’t flow well. Half of a designing job is being creative and using your prior experience to anticipate needs – and the other half is listening, explaining and generally being patient. Sometimes some jobs require you to be very, very patient.