Young Design

This is a feature from House Beautiful 2003 (this issue is far before House Beautiful started to follow Domino and incorporate younger design into their magazine) and although the photos employ dated proportions and styling – the advice is very much what young trends are now. I think the true freedom of being young is not having that much furniture or even a budget – so the choices can be less formal or permanent. But I wonder how much of my current design obsessions will seem out-dated in a couple of years. I think that is why I prefer to buy vintage/antiques, somehow I hope that because they are from an earlier style period they will end up being more versatile than new current-styled furniture. – although, truthfully – I own four vintage Saarinen tulip table knockoffs and I wonder what I will think of them in a decade?

Here are some of the recommendations from House Beautiful
-use white accents
-incorporate stripes for graphic punch
-juxtapose antiques with new furniture
-oversize hanging lamps
-mix high and low
-modern accents
-bright upholstered headboards
-edit ruthlessly
-play with geometry
-eliminate fussy treatments
-combine textures shiny and matte – rough and smooth
-Modern Art

What do you think?

Chicken Lamp

For my upcoming birthday my mother bought me a chicken lamp I had been eying – I love chickens – both in real life and in ceramic form (see the chickens lined up on top of the cabinet in the background?). Unfortunately this chicken lamp was a bit brown for my taste and the paint finish was chipped – so using the lamps in Ellie’s ‘cougar town’ house as inspiration I gave it two coats of white oil. I even spray painted the finial in gold spray paint – and the result is a mix cheeky glamorous. I have been loving the glow of lamplight in these early dark evenings.