Does anyone else watch Cougar Town just for the set design?

The kitchen:

classic stove:

look at the pantry with the partially frosted glass door – I love the effect!

see how the microwave is placed counter height but recessed in to a column of cabinents by the refrigerator?:
A lot of scenes are shot around the large glossy black topped island:

The front hall features a coat rack/umbrella stand made of bamboo:

I love the use of bright pattern and color set against neutrals in this sun-drenched ‘Floridian’ set.
All these shots below show the pair of french doors that make the living room meld with the ‘outside’

Her Dinette set with wicker chairs

solid Coral Couch with seashells and blue accents

shot from the living room area back at the kitchen:
I love the pattern on this chair:

Her bedroom –

Her Best Friend and Neighbors house – more eccentric /french/ citrusy and a bit less warm

Real Estate Office – filled with warm apple greens turquoise and bright white

all shots are screen shots off of hulu – set design by Archie D’Amico

138 thoughts on “Does anyone else watch Cougar Town just for the set design?”

  1. I have often thought of replacing my solid pantry door with a frosted one. Love the way this looks.

  2. So glad to see others are loving the set more than the show itself! I thought it was just me – I want to move in tomorrow!

  3. That is the only reason I watch the show! I have been looking online for photos of the house, which led me to your blog! Any idea who the painting in the living room is by? I'm in love with it!

  4. I love this house!! I love the kitchen/great room where everyone can hang out. I rewind the show all the time just to see some good shot of the set. I am going through a divorce right now and would love a house like this. wonder how a realtor could afford something like this in FL? she must be a really good one, since she doesn't work with any other realtors, it is just her! also, is this filmed in Florida or in CA and is this a real town or a set somewhere????

  5. OMG, this is the most beautiful house! I am going through a divorce right now and would love to sell my big house and get a house just like this one!! but what I'm wondering is where is this town in FL? it looks like such an idilic place to live but I wonder if it is real or just another set????

  6. Ha! I am glad all of you love the set as much as I have

    Kevin Forbes and Jenmyall – I'm sorry I don't know who painted that painting but If I do find out I will post it here!

    Sassy lady – I am assuming they film in in LA but I actually don't know – I wish too I could have a house that looked this put together!

  7. Ya know, I was watching the show tonight and for some reason found myself rewinding the show JUST to get a better look at the set design and decor! I love that when I googeld for images… I found your awesome blog! I would move into this house in a heartbeat!!

  8. I've only seen it twice but there was this array of floral (rose) paintings in a kitchen or dining room and I really want a better look at it I saw it last week.

  9. Not only do I love the house, but also I love her clothes and accessories (some of which I have found and bought.) Everything is sooo put together and I rewind on every show too!

    My fav –the coral/orange (denim?) couch. It is hard to use that color on such a large piece yet it looks so effortless in that space. I also have a new appreciation how this is NOT a large home. The furniture is so strategically spaced it never looks small. HUGE FAN of the layout!

  10. Hi! I just came across your blog and I thought it was so funny because on my blog I said the same thing about Cougar Town when I was doing a post on the houses from Modern Family. I would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think! Love your blog!!!

  11. Too funny. It's comforting to know that I am not the only one! I am so in love with this set that I am redecorating my house. I've been looking for pictures and sources online and that's how I found this site. I can tell you that the show is filmed here in L.A. Some of the accessories are from Pottery Barn and the 2 lamps in the family room (clear with shells in them) can be found at Pottery Barn. I'm searching for the fabric on the chairs in the family room and the painting about the salmon sofa and the gorgeous square glass coffee table. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks.

  12. I found the fabric for the blue bird barstools….it's Aviary Robin from Calico Corners.

    I would love to know about the painting over the coral sofa if anyone has any info. Many thanks!

  13. Does anyone know where to buy the letters spelling out E-A-T? I love the way they look on the kitchen wall.

  14. Yes, the big fabric covered letters are from Anthropologie. I just ordered them yesterday…$14.00 each. The "A" and "T" are on back order though and won't be in until February 22.

    I'm still searching for the painting over the coral sofa…anyone know anything about it?

  15. Julie, thank you….wow you are right. Jeremy's art is very similar. He has some beautiful paintings. Do you happen to know where they are sold? Thanks so much for your help. Karen

  16. love the show. love the decor and feel of Courtney Cox's place. I think I love the big glass doors in her living room always left open. I'm currently looking for the blue and white throw pillows on her couch!

  17. I have seen a few things on the set that pier one has sold before. Alot of the decor is similar to pier one and west elm all mixed together. . I feel so bad because I watch the show more to get ideas!! I have already painted my walls green, my furniture is a burn orange color . . so I am on my way!! Well if I just had the creativity :)

  18. I am trying to find the store that may have the leafy designed arm chair. ALSO, I love the show. Funny and very real. I have a new look on cougar's, go get em girls!

  19. loveMegan…if you find the blue and white pillows, plesae post your source. I'd like to know please.

    Aiden ~ I've been looking for that fabric also with no luck. If you find it, will you please post it?

    I have the sources for some things on the set if anyone is interested.

    The living room lamps are Pottery Barn.
    The entry way lamp (square shimmery one) is Crate & Barrel's Jolie Lamp (($189).
    The blue bird barstool fabric is Aviary Robin at Calico Corners.
    The wicker chairs at the kitchen table are at Crate & Barrel ($269 each).
    The "EAT" letters in the kitchen are fabric letters from Anthropologie ($14 each).
    The living room side table (driftwood base with round glass top) is Driftwood End Table from Crate & Barrel ($399).
    The media table that the tv sits on in the living room is the Monterey Console from Crate & Barrel ($1299).

    If anyone has any other sources, I would love to know. thanks!

  20. The fabric on the chairs, with the leaves, is from Gaston y Daniela (Spain) through Brunschwig&Fils.

  21. Miguel, do you know the name of the fabric? or how old it is? I am having trouble finding it. Thank you so much for your help!

  22. Miguel ~ thank you! I was able to find the club chair fabric and the actual B&F on Melrose that made the chairs. They are trying to track down some fabric for me but it might be discontinued. Thank you for your help.

    I thought the set designer was Archie D'Amico? In any case, I love what he has done with this set.

    1. Oh my gosh where did you find the fabric for the leaf chairs? I am absolutely in love with those chairs!!! I just got my own apartment and one of those would look amazing!

  23. I am still hunting for information on the painting above the coral sofa. So far, no luck. I anyone has ANY info please let us know. Thanks!

  24. Kevin, it sounds like you might be close to finding the artist….I really hope you do. Thank you for posting your info. I really want that painting.

    As for the bamboo hall tree or hat rack…no idea….sorry. It looks vintage so it might be really hard to find. Good luck and please post if you find it. thanks!

  25. Kevin, it looks like you and I are looking for different paintings. You're looking for the blue one that looks like the ocean right?

    I'm actually looking for the painting that is over the coral sofa…sort of looks like abstract water lilies.

    Please let me know if you come across any info and I will do the same. Thanks!

  26. hartmom – i found my painting by contacting the set designer who pointed me to Omega Cinema props (, perhaps they are renting the painting you like as well.

    there is an online search tool and i was able to find my painting using the words painting and blue and white…unfortunately the artist's name is not there…good luck!

  27. Kevin, I so happy for you that you found the painting you want! That is so fun…I know how hard it is. Yay! Thank you for the info…I will definitely check out Omega. So which set designer did you contact? Maybe I should try that also. thanks so much for your help.

  28. It was Archie D'Amico – I don't think he'd appreciate me sending out his email address so I sent him this blog and hope that he'll answer some of your questions too.

  29. Mr. D'Amico ~ if you happen to read this blog, congratulations on creating a beautiful set that is being discussed on many blogs.

    If you could happen to post info on the glass coffee table and the gorgeous painting hanging over the coral sofa, I would appreciate it very much. Thanks so much! Karen

  30. An update from Archie:

    I wrote a long comment on the blog, then Google said I must open an account, which made it impossible to do. I gave up. The coffee table is custom made from an iron worker to match the one in the pilot episode. The painting is a rental from Omega Cinema Props. Cabot McMullen is the production designer, Gary Warsaw art director, Doritt Oberman and Derrick Hinman buyers for the early episodes and I’m the set decorator, Archie D’Amico. I’m glad everyone appreciates our work. Thanks for the kind words on the blog. Entertainment Weekly will soon be doing something about the sets. Just talking to them now.

  31. Wow, I have been having fun reading everyone's comments on this post – This post was a bit of a departure for my usual tone of, 'farmhouse renovation' – but it has become the most popular post I have done so far – I can barely keep up with all the comments! – funny how much we all are drawn to this set!

    Thank you so much Archie D'Amico for taking the time to visit my blog and respond to everyone's questions! (and Thank You to Kevin Forbes for contacting him and posting his response)

  32. Kevin ~ thank you for contacting Archie and posting his response…so nice of you.

    Archie ~ thank you so much for taking the time to respond to our questions…I appreciate that so much. I had a feeling that coffee table was either custom or vintage because I have looked everywhere for it. Same with the painting. I really appreciate you putting me out of my misery (I can finally stop looking!). I have however found a coffee table that is very close so I'm OK with it. My sofas and chairs are white, but other than that I have 'stolen' lots of your ideas and I'm really happy with how my house is shaping up (thanks to your ideas). I live in the valley…close enough to the beach to have seashells in my house yes? I have been afraid of color (can't commit) for a long time and have had a mostly white house for many years. I am a wannabe set designer…I have always watched the sets way more than the shows themselves. It's sort of an obsession. Your set is by far my all time favorite. What I really love is that it's fresh, colorful without committing to one or two colors, and has an outdoorsy beachy feeling without being overtly 'beachy'. Perfection! Love, love love it. Many many thanks….Karen

  33. Hi again: the reference for the fabric on the chair is GDT 3303-002, and it is not discontinued.

    B&F showroom in Melrose might have ran out of samples…but they will get more…

  34. MK ~ thank you for starting this thread…it has been a lot of fun and a great source of info! Happy decorating!

  35. i would love to see pictures of what people are doing in their houses inspired by this set! that would also let people know how you can change things a little and still get the same "look" or "feeling." It would be great if there was a way that this could be done!

  36. I'm looking for kitchen lights – pendants over the island and pendant over the table…any idea where to get them?

  37. Here is a pendant light from Pottery Barn that is very similar to the ones on the show.

    As for the light over the kitchen table, they just changed it last week. It used to be an amber colored glass pendant light…now it's a white, much plainer simple glass pendant. Not sure why they changed it except for the color of the background lighting it provided. I really like the amber one better.

  38. thanks – those are definitely close enough for the island…anyone know where to find the amber one over the table?? I didn't even notice they changed it out!!

  39. thanks – that's perfect for the island! I'm looking for the amber pendant over the kitchen table…anyone know where to get it?? I didn't even realize they swapped it out last week…thx!

  40. Any luck on the painting above the salmon colored couch??? I'm dying to find it and have tried the leads from comments but still have had no luck? Hartmom…anything? I, like you, am in LOVE with it!

  41. Jolie, what we know about the painting that we love is that it's a rental from Omega Cinema Props over on Santa Monica. I am going to try to get over there and look at their other paintings to see if there is one that looks similar so I can try to identify the artist. If we could identify the artist we might be able to find a copy of the painting or one that is similar. I will definitely let you know if I find out anything. The wall above my sofa is currently blank and just crying out for that painting!

  42. Here's what I found out about the painting from the lovely guys at Omega…they are so sweet. The painting has been in their inventory since the early
    70s! It's over 40 years old and has no signature. So…now I can have an artist friend of mine copy the painting for me without feeling guilty! I wasn't going to do it because I didn't want to cheat the artist. But since there is no possible way to track down the artist and the painting is so old, I think it's probably ok. So that's the story on the beautiful painting. Another mystery solved….sort of. :)

  43. Hi HartMom – how did you get a hold of the guys at Omega? I tried emailing them about the painting in the kitchen but have not heard back.


  44. Hi Kevin…I was going to go over there at lunch yesterday since they are pretty close to my office but first I sent them an email with a picture of the painting. Then Alan at Omega called me within a couple of hours and told me about the painting. He was very nice and gave me all the details he had. You should give them a call…323-466-8201…ask for Alan…he was really helpful. Tell him that he talked to me yesterday (Karen)…they will start to wonder what is all the talk about the Cougar Town set! too funny! I hope you get some info to help you find your painting! I don't think yours is nearly as old as mine so you should be able to find it. Keep us posted and good luck.

  45. So funny that I came across your blog. My wife watches Cougar Town, so I've recently started getting into it. One of the things I've noticed — and it's very odd for me – is the lighting. The way the sets are lit is so natural that it makes the scenes feel more realistic. The quality of the light in rooms with large windows is especially notable. I live in Florida, and that light captures the quality of Florida sun perfectly. Interior rooms are also perfectly balanced. I've gotten so used to seeing careless, bleached out stage set lighting, that Cougar Town really sets itself apart with this detail.

  46. So excited to find this blog…would Kevin or Archie know the manufacture on the chaise that was featured in the master bath on this week's show? I would love to get the fabric on the pillows especially the green and blue pillow? Thanks for your help. I'd party in that bathroom anyday!!


  47. Hartmom! I can't believe it…no signature! Just our luck huh? LOL. Do you have a good enough pic of the painting to have it copied?? I'd love to have my mom copy it! Thanks for keeping me posted and sorry I'm getting back to you so late. I have twin girls and sometimes I'm a tad bit forgetful ;) Thanks again! Would love to get a good picture of the painting! Isn't it just beautiful!

  48. Hi Jolie ~ I have twins too…boy & girl but they are 22 years old now so they don't keep me quite as busy! Yes, I have a couple of pretty good pictures of the painting I could send you if you want to email me at I'd be happy to send you the pictures.

    Kevin ~ any luck with Omega?

    Patrick ~ ditto on the lighting…it's fantastic and I think a big part of the reason we all love the set so much.

    Shellly ~ I don't know for sure but judging by the fabric on the chaise I think it's custom. The lime green pillow looks like one they have at Crate & Barrel and the cream colored bumpy textured pillow looks like one I bought at Pottery Barn (they still have it). As for the print pillow, I have seen one like that somewhere but can't quite place it. I would try C&B, PB, Pier 1, Z Gallerie or West Elm.

    Happy Easter!

  49. Thanks Hartmom…I assume the chaise lounge is a custom piece…I'm just hoping to find the manufacturer to see what the possibility might be to order. Hopefully Kevin and Archie will respond. Thanks for the suggestions on the pillows. I just wish I could reproduce that whole bathroom. Thanks, Shelly

  50. Does anyone know where the oversize white couch in Ellie's house is from? It looks a lot like the comfort couch from Pottery Barn but it is much deeper. Looks like you can sit on it and your feet would be far from touching the floor. Love the look!

  51. Can anyone help with a number for B&F on Melrose? I can't find anything on this store….Thanks!

  52. I'm sorry…I have no info on Ellie's sofa. I haven't really looked for anything on that set. But I do know that the bar stools in Ellie's kitchen are from Pier 1.

    The number for Brunschwig & Fils is 310-659-9800. have fun!

  53. Hello,
    I am totally in love with the green flower wallpaper in the bedroom in Ellie's house, can anybody tell where I can get it online?

  54. I love the colors in Ellie's house. the style is a little too formal for me but the mix of pink, green and white is great.

  55. The coffee table I found is by Broyhill. It's square with an iron base…it has a glass top and a glass shelf underneath the top so there are two layers of glass. I ordered it from Al's Discount Furniture in North Hollywood. It doesn't have curvy legs like the one on the set (which I love) but I'm very happy with it.

  56. Have there been any recent finds? I would love to know about the couch pillows and light above the kitchen table.

  57. Tweeted they are doing a full feature on the set with over 10 pieced ID'ed!

  58. Hartmom – Since you seem to know where to find everything on the set, do you know where I can find the clear, shell filled lamps in the family room? I know they are from Pottery Barn but I don't think they have them in stock anymore… any ideas? My mom watches the show and would love to have that lamp for Mother's Day!

  59. Remember when Archie D'Amico said Entertainment Weekly was doing a piece on the sets? Well the piece finally came out…it's in the April 23 issue. There are a few things identified that I think some people were asking about.
    1. paint color – it's Benjamin Moore's Bleecker Beige.
    2. blue & white pillows on sofa – Roberta Roller Rabbit (although I have looked there and I don't see the exact pillows but there are some nice ones).
    3. bamboo hat rack – vintage from Wertz Brothers (as we suspected).
    And that's about it. Everything else they identified we already have. Have a good one…

  60. P.S. There is one mistake in the EW piece. They identify the clear lamps (with the shells in them) as the Eva lamp from PB. That's not correct. They are actually the Bacchus lamps from PB. Just in case…don't want anyone to get messed up. :)

  61. Does anyone know where to buy the wallpaper in Grayson's living room? It's gray, black, and white.

  62. I had a feeling that would be the case becasue they didn't have the pillows on their website. So that's 2 errors in the EW piece (the lamps and the pillows). That's frustrating. I wonder how we can find out about the pillows? any suggestions?

  63. Hi everyone, i found this blog when I started searhing for some sourcing info for the set design for cougar town and its great that you have all the info! Im from the uk and some of the items are states only! :( but i have found some great alternatives – although one thing i cant seem to find is the duvet set that ellie has in her bedroom, its like a pistachio green with coral flowers – does anyone know where i can get this from??? I love it so much and im redecorating the bedroom in that style – pistachio greens and corals with white wood – any info on ellies room would be GREATLY appreciated!! thanks – and love your work! :

  64. Does anyone know where I can get Ellie's gorgeous white wood/upholstered bed? Many thanks!

  65. Does anyone know where the green and pink geometric pillows are from in Ellie's house? I love her deep white couch also!!

  66. It's official…this blog has reached "legendary" status. There are several other blogs (and even a trade website) that are sending people over to this blog saying it is an excellent source of information on the Cougar Town set design. Not bad. :)

    I assume everyone has picked up the Entertainment Weekly with the piece on the sets that Archie mentioned. There are two errors in the sources listed but it's still has some good information.

    (sorry to those of you looking for info on Ellie's house…I have not researched anything on that set)

  67. Does anyone know where to find the blue and white vase behind Jule's coral sofa? I haven't seen that vase mentioned in the ET article or any sites yet.

  68. Heather – I have been checking your site and there is nothing revealed since that first item (the clam shell)…are you still going to do it or did I just miss it?

    destin4fl – it's not exactly like the blue & white vase but Pottery Barn has a white one that is called Cachepot for $24.00. It has the same rustic quality as the one on the set.

    I'm excited to report that my friend is currently painting THE painting for me (the awesome one behind the coral sofa). I can't wait to get it.

    Have a good one….

  69. Hope comment works this time. Entertainment Weekly article couldn't even bother to mention my name and I got all "the stuff". Elli's big white sofa and that blue and white vase behind the sofa are from HD Buttercup. Ellie's white bedroom set is from Jaxon on Venice Blvd. Grayson's plaid wallpaper from Astek Wall coverings in the Valley. Forgotten where throw pillows are from. Ellie's pillows are Roberta roller rabbit. Ellie's duvet was made from fabric at michael levine's in downtown L.A. Amber pendant light was replaced in the kitchen because a crew member broke the amber glass (from Fantasy Lighting) with a ladder. All of interiors are sets on stage at Culver Studios, similar to designs of Jules' pilot house by Cabot MacMullen. exteriors are on a cul-de=sac west of Overland where old MGM backlot used to be. Back to work in 3 weeks. Maybe a new street where the real estate office was, built as a set. Archie D'Amico

  70. Hi Archie…so happy to hear from you! Yeah, the EW piece was a disappointment. Could not believe they didn't mention you and they made a two errors! You have created one of the most blogged-about sets of all time and you deserve recognition. So nice of you to come back here and identify all those pieces from the set. I'm glad you explained why you changed the amber pendant light…I'm getting used to the new one but I loved the old one and couldn't understand why you would change it. Love HD Buttercup..there are some amazing things there, a decorator's dream and it's close to your studio. They have one in my neck of the woods up here in the valley but not as big. I am still coveting that glass coffee table so if you ever want to get rid of it, I'm your buyer :) Thanks again for thinking of us and please come back soon! Looking forward to seeing more of your inspiring work in the new season. Karen

  71. I am so excited to find this blog post! I thought I was the only one in love with this set. My favorite part of this set is Ellies Kitchen. I love the colors, sherbet orange and green and the pictures on the wall.
    We are building a lake house and I want to use these colors in my kitchen. I would love any details you could give me on Ellie's Kitchen.
    What a great resource!

  72. Does anyone know where Jules' bar stools are from? I know the fabric is the Avery which I ordered but now I need the blonde leg stools.

  73. Heather – the barstools are Henriksdal from Ikea $89.99.

    The slipcover fabric is Thomas Paul's Aviary from Calico Corners.

  74. Has anyone noticed the "Viva" paper towel commercial? It's the EXACT set as Cougar Town….not the furnishings, but the actual set…the floor plan, the staircase, the doors, windows, floors and the whole kitchen are exactly the same as Cougar Town. So I'm wondering which came first? Or was the Viva commercial filmed on the set before Cougar Town was booked but after the pilot was filmed? Just something to wonder about. :)

  75. Archie ~ in case you check in here…I have a suggestion for you. Beth Kushnick, set decorator for "The Good Wife" has a blog where she answers all questions about items on the sets (and there are a ton of questions!). You should start a blog to answer the many questions of your adoring fans! We need an Archie Blog! :)

  76. Hi. I see a lot of people love the blue painting in cougar town. I love it. And I didn't see if anyone knows who made it. If anyone does please let me know. Thanks

  77. I can't believe it…while watchig cougartown tonight I told my husband that I needed to know the color of Jules' Kitchen walls…I googled it for fun and found all of you! We have a white farmhouse kitchen with warm caramel colored quartz countertops and tumbled marbled subway backsplash. The gold color in Jules' kitchen would be perfect! Anyone know the color?

  78. You hit the jackpot for information on the Cougar Town sets :) The color is Benjamin Moore's Bleeker Beige. Happy painting!

  79. Thank you Hartmom. I realized after an image google on bleeker beige that this color is probably throughout Jules' house but just seen in different lighting. It sure does take on different hues with changing light. I'll grab a sample at BM today!

  80. Does anyone know where to find the fabric for the drapes in Jewel's dining room? I don't see a picture of them here or any mention of them, but they're fabulous.

  81. Archie–WOW! I am a huge fan, after tuning in tonight for my FIRST TIME! I don't know which entry way was in the background, but there was GREAT apple green wallpaper in a foyer that had a small white table topped with a ceramic swan lamp. (OK, I am not an expert, so I could be wrong!) WOULD you be so kind as to share the resource for the paper? Wallcoverings are coming back in…and that particular pattern is SO COOL! Thanks! (I was shocked to read the resources of other elements…you kept things affordable and therefore believable! As someone suggested, it would be AWESOME if you would start a blog!)

  82. Does anyone know where I could find the wallpaper that's in Ellie's house. I've been looking everywhere for even something similar and cant find anything. I perticularly love the green striped wallpaper and the correspingind green 'floral' design one. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  83. I watch this show solely because of the set decors. I love the bright airy feel of the sets. Thanks for posting these.

  84. you all need to get on
    and discuss this information there………
    one place to go and find what you're looking for

  85. Hi everyone… I love reading everyone's posts. I am looking for some wall art I saw on the Cougar Town Thanksgiving dinner episode. In the dining room, where everyone ate, there were two large prints, each one having a large flower. Can anyone help? Thanks!

  86. Archie, if you're reading, please let me know the pistachio paint color name of Andy's and Ellie's bedroom. I've just gotten my best friend hooked on the show and she wants to paint her bedroom that color.

  87. It is really great that Archie has posted on this blog to help people find things!

    Like others, I'm very interested in learning the paint and paper colors/names used in Ellie's kitchen/family area. Any leads there?

  88. was just looking for picture from that house for inspiration! I love the best friends house, whats her name? Elli?
    wallpaper and fabrics are amazing. where can you buy? anyone? best in europe, im from sweden…

  89. Does anyone know the name of the fabric that was used from Michael Levine's to make Ellie's duvet?

  90. i love this show! i just recently bought a house and am toying around with a couple of window treatment ideas. i really like her window shades. does anybody know what kind those are? are they woven wood roman style ones? please let me know!

  91. Thanks for providing us some great information on Jule's house! I know a lot of readers were curious about Ellie's and Andy's house as well. I have provided more pictures on their house at my blog
    I hope this helps! Thanks for your great blog!

  92. Hi all
    I know this question has already been asked my I am really struggling to find the "EAT" letters in Jules kitchen – I have looked on the Anthopologie website both here (UK) and US and am really struggling – any ideas anyone

  93. Anyone know about the kitchen back splash? I'm wondering if it's subway white tile or marble?
    Love the kitchen!

  94. Hartmom- How did your painting turn out? I'm obsessed with the same painting and would love a print or custom one myself. Let me know if you liked your "look a like"!

  95. Hi Meg ~ My painting turned out great, thanks! I wish I could post a picture of it. I'm really loving it and I am now on the quest for the perfect frame. My painting is 36" x 36" so it is pretty large. I think I may have found a great frame online from a place in New Jersey.
    Keep us posted if you decided to have one painted. Hope all is well with you :)

  96. Hi everyone, I am also writing from Europe… I am in love with the interior in Ellie's home, I am just waiting for scenes shown there. I could not really find any info on the wallpapers and deco there, I would even order it from the US :-) Great blog!!

  97. Hello all!! I am the blog watcher from the UK! And thought i'd check in to see if anything new had been added with regards to my duvet enquiry and nearly fell off my sofa when I read Archies reply! Thank you! As im in the UK its a bit difficult to call… does anyone know if michael levine's in downtown L.A has an email address… or can anyone find out if he still stocks that fabric for me?? I know its a big ask, but I have no other way of finding out really and im stumped! :0) I have managed to find a stockist of Aviary Robin in the UK and also the Abbot and Boyd – Umbelifera fabric but they have cottoned on to the fact that its from Cougar town and want to charge me 300% the retail price! Pants :0( but I will be using the fabrics as accents rather than to re-upholster a whole chaise! ;0) My house is looking prettier by the day thanks to Archies Artwork! Its everything I ever wanted my house to look like, and more…. just couldn't put my finger on it before… but I guess thats why im a admin assistant and not a set designer ;0) THANK YOU!!!!!

  98. I love all of the beautiful details that the set designers take into account, definitely a fan~
    I almost wrote a blog about this show myself and then I found yours. :^)

  99. It's a sunny, beautiful day in So Cal…hooray! Heading over to Pasadena to shop with my daughter after church :)

    Angelangela ~ For Michal Levine, you should go to their website They also have a fairly new site where you can order some of their fabrics online. Haven't really checked that out yet. I may be going down there soon to look for fabric (my daughter is getting married soon) and I will definitely look for Ellie's duvet fabric and let you know if I find it.

    On my painting, I finally found a great frame for it and it is currently at the framers! Can't wait to get it back looking all finished and beautiful. I don't think I can post a picture on this blog…it's not my blog. Maybe I can get Melkorka to post it? I'm not sure.

    Or if you're on Twitter you can follow me at My profile picture is the painting!

    Have a great day all :)

  100. Hello all,

    I am an avid watcher of Cougar Town and also love the the set design. I am currently trying to find the Coral fabric used in Jule's couch. Does anyone know where I can find this fabric or something close to it. I found an inexpensive way to replicate the lamps with shells in them. I bought a small clear glass lamp from Ikea and filled the inside with shells from Michael's. I put one in my bedroom but will buy the large lamps and put those in the livingroom.

  101. I stumbled across this post today while doing research on a print I bought at a flea market today.

    The water lily print is by Tadashi Asoma and is called Lily Pond in Summer. Or if that's not the print, it's near identical! My print is from somewhere called David Findlay Galleries.

    I watch Cougar Town but had no idea this print was part of it. Funnily enough I also have the EAT Anthropologie letters, so my home is starting to resemble the Cougar Town set. It's obviously having a subconscious effect on me!

  102. Hello lovely people,

    I have very much enjoyed reading through all the posts, very informative and quite complete. Thank you Archie for your valuable input and work!! I am craving to know where the lush flower paintings in Ellie’s house (kitchen/living space) are from? If anyone knows the store or artist name, please let us know. I LOVE anything with flowers and from what I can see on the show, those are some fine paintings!

    Thank you, Heidi writing from Switzerland!

  103. p.s. I’m referring to the really colorful flower paintings in different shapes placed in an effortlessly stylish manner on kitchen/living space wall , not the less present/more discreet tall rectangular ones in back of living space area. Thank you again

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