Does anyone else watch Cougar Town just for the set design?

The kitchen:

classic stove:

look at the pantry with the partially frosted glass door – I love the effect!

see how the microwave is placed counter height but recessed in to a column of cabinents by the refrigerator?:
A lot of scenes are shot around the large glossy black topped island:

The front hall features a coat rack/umbrella stand made of bamboo:

I love the use of bright pattern and color set against neutrals in this sun-drenched ‘Floridian’ set.
All these shots below show the pair of french doors that make the living room meld with the ‘outside’

Her Dinette set with wicker chairs

solid Coral Couch with seashells and blue accents

shot from the living room area back at the kitchen:
I love the pattern on this chair:

Her bedroom –

Her Best Friend and Neighbors house – more eccentric /french/ citrusy and a bit less warm

Real Estate Office – filled with warm apple greens turquoise and bright white

all shots are screen shots off of hulu – set design by Archie D’Amico