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Gil Shafer’s parking Area at his Greek Revival Home. It is such a simple treatment – just a rectangular stone wall that meets the hill on one side and the lawn at the other – but it has such a palatial effect – and it gives a simple driveway a processional feeling. I wonder what he used to come up with the dimensions for the parking area – how many cars does it fit ? Was it designed not to fit ‘x’ many cars but to have symmetry with the house? I like the way the low wall seems to invite cars – as if saying ‘ you belong here’ . Often times rural driveways have blurry areas where guests can park but they end up being messy half grass/half gravel zones. This seems like a simple and natural solution.

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  1. So enjoyed your Greek Revival house pictures as I am a big fan of this type of house. Love the parking area. It adds another layer of interest to an already wonderful property.

  2. I love Greek Revival homes. I actually have the tear pager from the magazine the kitchen island below was in. What a happy island sand so not hum drum.

  3. I've admired this house for years. It's to die for. He did much contemplation before installing the driveway and parking area I read years ago. He's fantastic.

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