Kelly Killoren Bensimon’s apartment

I did a post on fuschia awhile back and I included this shot. This loft has been in the back of my head as inspiration – I love the unexpected bold color of the love-seats matched with the very subdued color scheme in the background (white walls, ebonized floor, bare windows, pale art, sculptural furniture).

I even love the large sculptural horse –   My sister and I joke about making fiberglass life size animals and hiding them as little follies in corners of the garden – my wacky side would love to have a full sized white polar bear sculpture in the middle of our Catskill lawn.

Funny when I realized that its Kelly Killoren Bensimon’s (from real housewives of nyc) apartment! Apparently she is also doing a makeover of her apt on youtube .Here is the before and then phase2. Kelly comes off very bizarre in RH-NYC but I think in her Youtube video tours she is kind of endearing. Below is the embedded video tour from Bravo.


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  1. I love this photo, pink sofa next to shiny silver lamp! I am stealing this idea for my library / dinning room! LOVE your blog btw.

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