Spare Basics

NÄSTVED Rug, low pile $16.99

HÅLLÖ Cushion 9.99

SOFIA Fabric $7.99 / yards

ENDIV Plant pot29.99

LERBERG Shelf unit19.99

FÖRSTÅ Coffee/ tea maker5.99

VAKEN Glass $6.99 / 4 pack

DRAGON 20-piece cutlery set24.99

SVIT 20-piece cutlery set39.99

STEK Knife $9.99 / 6 pack

IKEA 365+ plate $5.99

SLOM Jar with lid2.99

KVOT Dish drainer6.99

BOLLÖ Acacia wood Folding chair 19.99

DILLING Bed storage box14.99

EKTORP cotton and down fowl fill Neckroll $9.99

DEKAD Alarm clock $5.99

RITVA cotton Cushion cover $6.00

BOMULL cotton Bedspread $9.99

JORUN wool Blanket $19.99

All brought to you by Ikea

Unfinished Decorating

Lauren of Pure Style Home did a great post on ‘undesigned spaces’ a little bit ago that got me thinking of ‘unfinished spaces’. I am queen of unfinished details, i get things 80 % finished but somehow the last 20% never does. This photo above is a perfect example – out of the 3 picture frames I haven’t figured out what to put in two of them!- (and to be truthful I will probably get bored of the little table-scape before I actually put anything in the empty frames)

Whenever I have ‘finished’ something I almost instantaneously get an ‘itch’ to change it again. My spaces are always ‘in transition’ something is on its way in or out and I always have items in my room that need to be refinished, reupholstered, painted or hung. I enjoy the process of playing and experimenting with ideas and looks rather than accomplishing a fixed ‘look’. Do any of you have problems with committing to a finished design like I do?

Love the Proportions on this Table

Have you seen ‘who do you think you are‘? The celebrity angle is kind of silly and the editing is repetitive and cheesy BUT I love the show. I am obsessed with my own family’s history and I love a show that highlights people searching out their own. Lisa Kudrow’s story is about her tie to Eastern European Jewish history namely the holocaust (it is very heavy story btw). I found this episode especially moving as 1/4 of my own background is Russian-Jewish.

Anyways! I loved the table in Lisa Kudrow’s fathers kitchen the proportions are great long and narrow with a worn wooden top!

Happy First Day of Spring!

image via Victoria magazine

I hope you had the opportunity to spend most of the day outside as I did! – I just spent the morning and early afternoon moving a peach tree (it was growing sideways under another tree) and rose of Sharon, cutting back overgrown wisteria, trimming quince branches and raking leaves with my younger sister and boyfriend – after a cold winter, working in the warm sun was blissful! The garden here in the city is still mostly asleep – however the quince is putting out pink blossoms, the tulips are growing tall and there are blooming crocuses here and there. – It makes a person such as myself very excited about the the warm weather to come! – I already put in an order of navy canvas butterfly chair covers from circa50 for our four frames out back – and I am looking for nautical navy and white striped outdoor fabric to make matching throw pillows…  hope your first day of spring was as lovely too!


image from countrystylemag? via pink wallpaper

I love how serious the hood to the stove is here – also the length of the island is so generous but by having the corners be open shelves it really minimizes the visual weight. and to the left do you notice the full door pantry like cabinet?  I think in the end floor-to-ceiling cabinets (with no counter in the middle) really get some of the most use. Erika from Urban Grace designed the wall of cabinetry in the kitchen below, and ever since I saw it I have been trying to talk my mom into making a similar wall of cabinets in her kitchen.

image from coastal living via Urban Grace

Spell of Glamor

image via pink wallpaper

via dress design decor

“Playing oversize objects against normal or even undersize pieces can make spaces seem taller or wider, more or less open.” –Michael Lassell, Making it Modern

“The most glamorous thing you can do in a room is to be surprising.” – Jill Van Tosh

Glamor, is something I have been trying to wrap my head around for a while– what does it mean? How is it obtained through design? Because we all know what it is when we see it (like all the curated images in the fabulous blog This is Glamorous) – but I couldn’t for the world of me think of how exactly to describe it. So forgive me but I consulted the web dictionaries:

>Online etymology dictionary: says Glamor also Glamour, 1720, “magic, enchantment” (especially in phrase to cast the glamor), a variant of Scot. gramarye “magic, enchantment, spell,” alteration of English grammar (q.v.) with a medieval sense of “any sort of scholarship, especially occult learning.” Popularized by the writings of Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832). Sense of “magical beauty, alluring charm” first recorded 1840. says: Etymology: Scots glamor, alteration of English grammar; from the popular association of erudition with occult practices

1 : a magic spell
2 : an exciting and often illusory and romantic attractiveness; especially : alluring or fascinating attraction —often used attributively

Wikipedia says: Glamor is an appearance of enhanced attractiveness

From Scots gramarye (magic, enchantment, spell).

The Scottish term is either from Ancient Greek γραμμάριον (grammárion), ‘gram’), the weight unit of ingredients used to make magic potions, or an alteration of the English word grammar (‘any sort of scholarship, especially occult learning’), from Latin grammatica, from Greek (grammatike tekhne), ‘art of letters’).

1. (countable) an item, motif, person, image that by association improves appearance

2. Witchcraft; magic charm; a spell affecting the eye, making objects appear different from what they really are.

3. A kind of haze in the air, causing things to appear different from what they really are.

4. Any artificial interest in, or association with, an object, or person, through which it or they appear delusively magnified or glorified.

5. (uncountable) Alluring beauty or charm (often with sex-appeal)

I found it fascinating that a word I use all the time has ties to the occult. I had always thought glamor was porcelain luster-ware teacup sets, claw foot bathtubs, large libraries, sculptural furniture, fancy leather goods and sport cars. I thought it was fancy THINGS.

Now after doing a bit of research I realize that of course (and forgive my flowery speech) it is more about the enchanting tone, the ‘uncountable’ and magical charm that imbues a normal moment or scene into an extraordinary one. Glamor is that vision that is so charged with dream-like possibility that it lingers like a tempting spell in the memory. It taps into the power of our romantic childhood imaginations and our desires and promises however fleeting the fantasy, a moment of bliss.