Week of eating in

img via beautiful things to share

So I just finished my week of eating in challenge. To some eating in may seem the norm – certainly some people seem perplexed at the ‘challenge’ . Here in NYC (the land of cheap , authentic and delicious restaurants) where I work from home – the meal out is sometimes my only link to sanity. I don’t need NYC’s fashion shows or film festivals but goodness knows it’s a hardship to give up my weekly dim sum lunch. Cathy Erway (who is ridiculously charming in person) wrote this book about her journey with eating in for 2 years – can you imagine two years without the corner pizza- the grocery rotisserie chicken , the deli toasted buttered bagel – (or my favorite restaurant destination) china town? Anyways – I haven’t read the book yet – My sister who has been chronicling her week of eating in on her blog ( just finished the book and passed it on me and now it is sitting next to me on my bed stand – but I am definitely looking forward to it!

p.s- (and I am looking forward to my boyfriend taking me out for a congratulatory meal on monday!)