Winter Gardening : patience, planning and research.

One of the things I find most difficult about winter is these last few months before spring. I grow restless and I crave nature – I long for greenery and the smell of warm cut grass – I daydream about doing physical backbreaking lawn work in the hot sun.

My escape this time of year though are my books on gardening. In the summer I rarely have enough time to curl up in a blanket and READ about landscaping. Now I get to look over historical gardens and learn and draw plans, and dream about how things COULD be. Above are the latest books to enter my ‘gardening library’ most of them are gifts from my my parents and siblings and I looking forward to reading them until spring comes!

One thought on “Winter Gardening : patience, planning and research.”

  1. Well, spring is pretty much here in Texas, so I'm about to dive right into the back-breaking work of getting our gardens back into shape! I say "gardens" – but they're pretty small beds, actually. For some reason, though, they have been infested by weeds that popped up after we got a bunch of snow (so weird), and I hate hate hate weeding.
    I've been kind of planning how to replant and organize our beds this year, which has been kind of fun and challenging. Challenging because I'm trying to watch our spending, but still want a cohesive look that doesn't require tons of upkeep. And planning out a garden bed that is cohesive and beautiful, but not boring, has proven to be more of a challenge to me than I thought!

    Good luck with your reading and planning!!

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