Dear Summer, please come soon.


Using a rock wall to turn a (normally) swampy area of the pond bank into a neat edge detail really is a clever idea –

I am not usually attracted to large pine trees (they are often planted small and forgotten and the effect is monstrous )- but these are so sculptural. Having the trees surrounded by lawn and reflected in the water is really an unusual and beautiful design although the more I stare at it I think it looks a bit like a golf course?

I LOVE undulating lawn paths that obscure your view slightly – they can make a very small area of property seem vast and magical.

images from bayberry nursery via the lovely Laurel Hedge

3 thoughts on “Dear Summer, please come soon.”

  1. the sunken area where the tree is.. I wonder about drainage. if it rains really hard, does it fill up?

  2. I was wondering about that too – think the sunken tree is a pretty effect but it must be a nightmare to maintain, and keep healthy!

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