Happy First Day of Spring!

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I hope you had the opportunity to spend most of the day outside as I did! – I just spent the morning and early afternoon moving a peach tree (it was growing sideways under another tree) and rose of Sharon, cutting back overgrown wisteria, trimming quince branches and raking leaves with my younger sister and boyfriend – after a cold winter, working in the warm sun was blissful! The garden here in the city is still mostly asleep – however the quince is putting out pink blossoms, the tulips are growing tall and there are blooming crocuses here and there. – It makes a person such as myself very excited about the the warm weather to come! – I already put in an order of navy canvas butterfly chair covers from circa50 for our four frames out back – and I am looking for nautical navy and white striped outdoor fabric to make matching throw pillows…  hope your first day of spring was as lovely too!

5 thoughts on “Happy First Day of Spring!”

  1. I've been outside for most of the past two days. It is amazing out.

    We have two butterfly chairs, and my intention when getting them, was to put them in the backyard (when we ever get it done). Both of them came with canvas slings (one black and one red). But I have a couple worries about keeping them outside all summer.

    1. I'm afraid the frames will rust (we don't living in the southern California desert!).

    2. I'm afraid the canvas slings will fade quickly. I've entertained the idea of getting a couple of the indoor/outdoor vinyl-weave slings from Circa50, but the color selection is kind of blah (I wish they had orange or red!)

    Anyway, sorry for blathering on! I hope, for your sake, that the canvas holds up well to the NY summer!

    – Vicki

  2. Hi Vicki!

    the funny thing is these butterfly chairs were my grandparents so i would imagine they have been outside for 50 years or so and no rust yet! (and this is in NYC muggy summers AND snowy winter seasons).

    As for the canvas slings – I was going to get the all weather vinyl myself because I thought that would last longest – but then I started to wonder whether they would be uncomfortable on the skin? AND the viynl ended up being 50 bucks more in my order of 4 so I went with the canvas.

    As for the canvas holding up- my grandparents always used to put them out for the day and then take them in during the evenings – and then we would throw them in the wash if they ever got dirty – I got the navy because i thought it would hide the city soot – but I never thought about it fading in the sun! ha! now I will have to try to keep them in the shade!

    Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Love to hear about others gardening adventures and decor. I'm making lots of floor cushions for the patio… I plan on lounging alot! Not quite time to plant yet, but seeds are started.

  4. Isn't it exciting! We spent the entire day doing yard work and it was a beautiful gorgeous spring day. It feels great to be outside digging in the dirt once again! Trina

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