Love the Proportions on this Table

Have you seen ‘who do you think you are‘? The celebrity angle is kind of silly and the editing is repetitive and cheesy BUT I love the show. I am obsessed with my own family’s history and I love a show that highlights people searching out their own. Lisa Kudrow’s story is about her tie to Eastern European Jewish history namely the holocaust (it is very heavy story btw). I found this episode especially moving as 1/4 of my own background is Russian-Jewish.

Anyways! I loved the table in Lisa Kudrow’s fathers kitchen the proportions are great long and narrow with a worn wooden top!

2 thoughts on “Love the Proportions on this Table”

  1. Love this series and this episode especially choked me up!!! Lisa's dad is so sweet and I just wanted to give that man a hug. I was too busy trying not to cry to notice the table. Thanks for the pic, it is fabulous!!!

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