Unfinished Decorating

Lauren of Pure Style Home did a great post on ‘undesigned spaces’ a little bit ago that got me thinking of ‘unfinished spaces’. I am queen of unfinished details, i get things 80 % finished but somehow the last 20% never does. This photo above is a perfect example – out of the 3 picture frames I haven’t figured out what to put in two of them!- (and to be truthful I will probably get bored of the little table-scape before I actually put anything in the empty frames)

Whenever I have ‘finished’ something I almost instantaneously get an ‘itch’ to change it again. My spaces are always ‘in transition’ something is on its way in or out and I always have items in my room that need to be refinished, reupholstered, painted or hung. I enjoy the process of playing and experimenting with ideas and looks rather than accomplishing a fixed ‘look’. Do any of you have problems with committing to a finished design like I do?

3 thoughts on “Unfinished Decorating”

  1. Yes, I do. When I complete something, odds are, it will change later on. I did a salon wall awhile back in our den that got dismantled shortly thereafter as I decided to use those pieces elsewhere. It use to stress me out but now I just try and realize that a space is never really done. It continues to evolve and arrange itself by mood, season or tastes. Trina

  2. Sigh… I am an indecisive, procrastinating, perfectionist with limited cash flow and an addiction to trash-picking. There is not one space in our house that is "complete".

  3. Oh yes. I can't make a final decision on anything as I need things to be interchangeable. Commitment scares me. So…in my head everything looks finished. Oh you should see my house in my head, it's beautiful! ;)

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