Spare Basics

NÄSTVED Rug, low pile $16.99

HÅLLÖ Cushion 9.99

SOFIA Fabric $7.99 / yards

ENDIV Plant pot29.99

LERBERG Shelf unit19.99

FÖRSTÅ Coffee/ tea maker5.99

VAKEN Glass $6.99 / 4 pack

DRAGON 20-piece cutlery set24.99

SVIT 20-piece cutlery set39.99

STEK Knife $9.99 / 6 pack

IKEA 365+ plate $5.99

SLOM Jar with lid2.99

KVOT Dish drainer6.99

BOLLÖ Acacia wood Folding chair 19.99

DILLING Bed storage box14.99

EKTORP cotton and down fowl fill Neckroll $9.99

DEKAD Alarm clock $5.99

RITVA cotton Cushion cover $6.00

BOMULL cotton Bedspread $9.99

JORUN wool Blanket $19.99

All brought to you by Ikea

3 thoughts on “Spare Basics”

  1. Love this list of basics. Sometimes things get so complicated in decorating and I just want things to be simple and uncluttered with straight lines.

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