Restoration Hardware’s New Look – Hate or Love?

I have been noticing some bloggers ripping on Restoration Hardware’s new look lately – which made me wonder whether I liked it myself (btw – restoration hardware furniture is still out of my price range right now so this is a more “theoretical post”.) I think RH – like Pottery Barn hits a certain cord with people – either you are comfortable with the quality and price or you are repulsed by the ‘yuppie’ standard it represents (i know yuppie is outdated – I kind of use it in jest here). One lovely sunny sunday a couple weekends ago my boyfriend and I went and saw the collection in person on our way to the Shake Shack. We even sat in a pair of versailles domed chairs -which I loved the theatrics of,the bf was not a fan – but he was a sport about it ;).

I found that I really liked a lot of it – RH’s – glossy brown wood combined with tufted leather and gray upholstery was starting to get ubiquitous – so I am excited that they have branched out into another style and that they are embracing design classics. I feel like they are stressing the industrial look in their layouts so they don’t alienate their customer base – But they are producing some exciting new designs. (see below)

Cabriole Ottoman

1950s Leather Copenhagen Chair

Louis Bench

Vintage French Square Side Chair

Vintage French Round Side Chair

For the first time I feel like they are producing a far more feminine line – in color, finish and in shape – it also looks like these pieces are almost neutral classics – I think they could go with any decor – and blend really well. And I think even though they are pricey for me right now – they look far more expensive then then they actually are. Thoughts?

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  1. something about the 'all out' styling and combos in the RH photos that disturbs me – but the individual pieces you featured, especially the leather chair are good….

  2. Not having RH or Pottery Barn down here in the 'colonies' (Australia) I have serious northern hemisphere envy over everything available to you through both these outlets… oh to have access to your affordable lighting! A-M xx

  3. We don't get the Restoration catalog, but we used to enjoy walking through and sitting in the lush leather sofas that we couldn't afford. Just the other day at a friend's house, I saw the back of the latest catalog and thought, "Uh, what's going on here?" I have to say that it's not really doing much for me. I'm not into that grey, French style, or the bleached, light wood.

    That said, I do like the leather chair you posted, although it's a blatant rip off of Arne Jacobsen's Egg chair (albeit in a warm, distressed leather, for 1/10 the price of a licensed version). I noticed they are also selling another chair "based on" the Jasobsen classic Swan chair.

    If I had to say that I HATED something, it would be those "Architectural Column" tables. N-O.

    And as for Pottery Barn's catalog (which we DO get), I don't even bother to look at it anymore. I never see anything in it that interests me! And my biggest pet peeve about it, is how some spring, all of a sudden, everything is white, and stripes, and sea shells, and sisal…As if we all have a beach house in the Hamptons that we need to redecorate! Ugh. Okay, I'm stopping now. :)

  4. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. I love the lime rubbed look, but I think in some shots they put too much of it together. Too much drab in one spot can really bring a girl down!
    The leather chair is to die for!!!

  5. I would say it's love/hate with me. There are some things I love but on the other hand I think they have gone a little too gothic/dark and gloomy. Still love to look at what they have and if it was given to me….I wouldn't complain!

  6. Interesting…I like most of it, but it's a bit much of the same. I think color is important in a home.

    love your blog


  7. I love RH's new line. I think it all comes from Bobo Intriguing Objects though, which I have been in love with forever. However, it is all out of my price range too. Let's just see how long this look lasts though…

  8. I love the new look! I will own those domed chairs…as far as I am concerned it was about time they stepped it up.

  9. My wife and I visited the newly revamped Restoration Hardware in the Tyson's Mall (Northern Virginia) today. I can't believe they changed so radically. It's horrible. The whole place is a gloomy gray, and none of the furniture or fabrics has any color whatsoever. Seriously, it's like walking into a black and white world. And we were repeated bugged by salesfolk.

    A walk through a showroom is absoutely oppressive. Dimly lit and GRAY. It looks like the interior of a Halloween store, minus the naughty French maid costumes.

    BIG thumb's down.

  10. The domed chairs are wonderful, but the 'wood' looks like a resin product and not real wood. The scroll 'carving' where one's hand might rest on the arm looks suspicious. It seems light weight for wood. Anyone else notice this?

  11. Personally, I think it is the first sophisticated line they have done in years! Proper on all counts. Of course, the layouts are overly cluttered..they are selling….S E L L I N G!!! As far as the non-existence of color… well… that's where YOU come in! These pieces are backdrops to proving a canvas to incorporate your own personality. I, for one, have acquired many pieces… the Versailles chairs, Entablature Mirrors (2) cases, etc. I then embelished the monocrmatic pieces with textiles (fabric, table coverings, pillows, etc.) from my travels in Italy, Istanbul & Frnace…. very yummy…. and the scale of the 10 to 13 foot sofas are a dream…. I do find that most of the pieces all h ave their place! I even added the aviator chairs in the office/den…. very smart and uber comfortable. As far as Pottery Barn…I call it Pottery Bore….It has always been aline that is so utterly predictable and lifeless… very "our first apartment/home" look… A major Yes to Restoration Hardware… and a resounding no to PB… However, one HUGE complaint about Restoration Hardware's catalogue… the photo of Chairman Gary Friedman is creepy… the overly spray tan, the Ralph Lauren meets GQ wannabe pose is sooooo trite and self-absorbant… and the "Carpe diem" closing salutation is marketing 101… Let the pieces and layout speak for them self…and keep his photo out of the mix…


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