Salvation Army Chandelier

Last fall I bought this chandelier for 7 bucks at my local salvation army. Currently we have an almost flush ceiling fixture in the dining room that is missing its glass cover so anything would be an improvement. I think this chandelier may have originally had big globes at the end but I will not be putting those back.

Here is a detail of the texture – I am usually a fan of simpler pieces but I am hoping I can make this chandelier a fun piece in the room. Like these theatrical pieces below:

image via diary of lovely

image via diary of lovely

First I was thinking that it should be painted a glossy solid color a la Martha Stewart’s chandelier below – but now I think that painting in a glossy finish will hide alot of the details.

So now I am thinking of a chalky white finish:

chandelier from ballard designs found via my design secrets

But I also love the color scheme of the chandelier below – so I was wondering if I painted the chandelier in a dusty chalk white – and I painted thin blue stripes along all the details – (like the vase in the last image) – whether that would add a playful and slightly bohemian edge to my 7 dollar purchase. Thoughts?

image from Lonny


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  1. hard one…I like the chalky white, and maybe rubbing some blue/gray over it then wiping off them majority – just so it stays in the crevices and cracks… it will look great whatever you decide and the delightful part is YOU ONLY PAID SEVEN BUCKS for it!

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