Driveway Lust

Remember when I wrote about my driveway project? Unfortunately our area had an insanely wet summer – and it started getting cold before the ground dried out well enough to do major work so we had to stall the project till later (hopefully this summer!)

During the wait I have been consulting books on driveways, site planning and landscaping and have been refining the plan.

The approach to a house can have as much impact as the house design itself. With a dramatic driveway approach you can set an anticipatory mood – and if done successfully – it can be one of the more pleasurable passages on a property. In suburban and town planning – having ‘curb appeal’ is most important – but with larger sites – it is possible to employ curves and natural elements to partially obscure the house and heighten the drama.

image via this is a design blog

Two beautiful examples of entry gates. Both examples use edging stones to keep the line crisp.

image via the realestalker

Driveway Palooza! This one is a seems a bit excessive – but sometimes it is nice to see what an ‘estate’ driveway with many buildings looks like.

A shot from ‘The Women’ I like the raised beds here and the soft curve of the driveway

image from Hooked on Houses

image via sanctuary rose

This is exactly how my childhood driveway looked. gravel , with a strip of scraggly grass and shaded by interlocking trees.

image via shelter

I think this approach is such a neat way to solve the dilemma of dealing with a site that has a steep hill

5 thoughts on “Driveway Lust”

  1. The top picture is the most appealing but lordy iordy who is going to do the maintenance?

    I recently bought 58 acres with a pre Civil War log cabin and a falling down summer kitchen. The cabins sit maybe 50 feet above where one drives into the location. What to do? I'm considering major heavy equipment to grade a gradual rise to the level of the cabin, Then again, I'm considering the cost!

    Keep us "posted", don't you hate people who pun. Ann

  2. I've just found your blog and lucky I did. We too are working on our house entrance (we live on 4 acres). We have added a curve to what was just flat space, have planted trees along the curve. We are trying to add structure while still keeping it country and relaxing. I love the front gates you have shown here .. love them a LOT. Will come back for more (-:

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