Last night i watched Lying 2006 on netflix instant play ; I recommend it if you are longing for a stylish country weekend and your taste runs occasionally toward the indie ( warning : it is a bit like an extended music video with no music.) The film follows the happenings on a weekend in upstate NY (it was shot in Pine Plains and Millerton NY) when three guests slowly realize their host played by Chloe Sevigny is a pathological liar. I once had the experience of being friends with a serial liar for a year and I remember how shocking it was to realize that the slightly fantastical world I thought she inhabited was mostly fiction.

The dialogue at certain points is excruciatingly bare (there was no script) but it added to what I think was the intended uneasy mood of the film. I suspect this film isn’t about dialogue – it is more is about the space in between and the tension of being on a weekend excursion with people you realize you don’t actually know. The production design and the flow-y stylish costumes that the actors wear along with their stilted conversations drive home the haunting mood. One aspect I found incredibly lovely in this film is the way they used real time and real light to highlight moments – the sunsets, sunrises, tree shadows, dusk, dark evening, blindingly bright mid afternoon sun are all evocatively celebrated.

That said I loved the spotless house most of all – Below are some shots.

A shot of the first dinner – do you notice the stylish white dansk pot on the waxed farmhouse table ? The whole meal I wondered about whether the characters would have carried the table and chairs outside themselves for this meal as they are obviously not outside furniture. This is also one of the only times they show the red metal roofs

The front porch and the way the low retaining wall frames the wide gravel path

Another shot this time from the morning you can see how the gardening is minimal and slightly wild.

Side view from the front porch

I love the way the porch foundation extends to frame the flattened lawn – notice the way the wall turns into steps to the right?

These are the steps show here from the other side (see how they meet the natural hill?)

A bedroom with closets that make small window seats.

Kitchen with a window seat breakfast nook in the window bay to the right

The living room – with french doors on both sides this room connects the two wings of the house. (I love the modern fireplace here)

The connecting wing from the exterior

The wide steps that meet the french doors in the connecting wing

have a great weekend everyone!

2 thoughts on “Lying”

  1. I just watched that a few nights ago. I loved the shot of her standing on the front porch at dusk. Those columns really offer quite a sense of architecture, which stands out in the simpleness of the country landscape.

    It was a beautiful home and a captivating story.


  2. I'll have to keep a look out for this movie..
    I still, after 25yrs, have a friend that has a whole web of lies that is her life. I'm so used to her, I sift everything she tells me to about 1/4th. Asking lots of questions usually helps. the details slowly surface… :)

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