Simple Elegant Fence

I am always on the quest for the right type of fence – not too modern – or complex – or fussy – or suburban – and not kitschy country. It is hard trying to plan for a fence that is practical but doesent block the view – decorative but not distracting – clean but not too modern…

I love the proportions of the fence below – the post have a very subtle decorative effect that hints at a finial – and I love how thick and solid all the rails look. Also I love that this fence employs a dense grid web to make it critter proof – but the horizontal rail capping makes it look far more decorative and intended.

image from Garden Design Magazine – photo by Jason Dewey

3 thoughts on “Simple Elegant Fence”

  1. They have these all over Nashviile area where we moved, some of them appear to have a dark charcoal stain – loving it and may put one in our yard.

  2. Hey Melkorka! So good to hear from you! How is your family?!
    I love this fence- very classic and substantial.
    I'm on the quest for the perfect mailbox post to go with my Smith & Hawkin (RIP) copper mailbox… like your fence, it is a quest!
    wishing you well,

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