Heaven is closing its Bovina location

I have been enamored of Heaven On Main St since it appeared in the NYTIMES (and full disclosure Bovina is a stone throw away from our *nameless* hamlet – it is so close we share the same school district).

I finally made it to ‘Heaven on Main Street’ last summer on a brunch double-date with my younger sister Nina and our boyfriends . I got iced coffee and the french toast (below). I must admit that the boyfriends were not that impressed with the ‘meat-substitute’ menu – but I swooned over the creamy pale walls and polished wooden counters with all the bakery delights laid out. It was truly like walking into a daydream of ‘if i owned a bakery shop in the country’….

Anyways I thought I would post some images from their equally lovely website designed by Steve Castro. I hope some other charming business will take their place (our depressed area needs all the businesses it can get!) .

my own photo

3 thoughts on “Heaven is closing its Bovina location”

  1. Oh, no! The place, their website, the food, looks like complete perfection! I don't think Martha Stewart could do it better! What a real shame.

    Vicki @ Piccolo Takes All

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