Scary. {A message from my little soapbox}

Fracking* for natural gas in our upstate NY and Pennsylvania could result in our own backyard version of the toxic BP spill. De-regulation by the previous administration is again putting our land and livelihoods in danger (Dick Cheney’s 2005 Energy Policy Act exempted gas drilling from adhering to the basic protections of the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Clean Water Act, or the Clear Air Act.) My sister wrote a great article about it at civileats. You can do something about it – here.

*(Fracking is when the gas companies use high pressure mix of water, sand and undisclosed chemicals into the ground to collapse and crack into horizontal deposits trapped in rock to release the gas.)

Below are some photos of what is at stake. All photos are taken by my sister Ulla Kjarval of my parent’s farm ‘Spring Lake Farm‘ (which is at risk if our natural springs are contaminated by undisclosed toxic chemicals.)

8 thoughts on “Scary. {A message from my little soapbox}”

  1. Hi M!
    Really, really scary. I think this should be a "national" soapbox. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. Your sister's photographs are stunning- such a lovely farm your parents have, and what a shame it would be to contaminate that beauty. I clicked the 'you can do something' and contacted my senators/reps.


  2. thank you for talking about this! so so important! not many people want to acknowledge the real danger we're putting our earth in.

  3. Such lovely photos and pristine land. I guess the large corporations, gas and oil companies will not be happy until they have destroyed every beautiful piece of nature for the sake of the almighty dollar… It's simply sad.

  4. Ahhhh, you are living my dream!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos!
    We live in SW Colorado and have those d**mnable gaswells all over the place (we currently have 1 per every 80 acres, that means we have 4 wells within 1/4 mile of our water well). The terrible things that BP and others do to property values, to the views, to the water, is beyond repair.
    Houses have actually exploded because of the fracking causing methane gases to 'pool' underneath, and get into the water (try seeing if you can light the water on fire that comes from your kitchen sink!)
    It always comes down to what they add in revenue to the city/county! Like 'joan' above said- it should be a national conversation, but like many other things we the Public should be advised on, the News will not show it…
    Still, locally it's possible to stay loud and stay informed and go to the local meetings… Thank your sister for her voice!! (Because Snappy Di is right, I think eventually something big and bad enough will happen that it becomes impossible to hide it.)
    Still, thank you for your post, and wonderful photos too.

  5. Thanks so much for all the feedback everyone – it is such an important issue to me and my family right now – so I am happy to hear that I touched a cord.

    And thanks to Joan for contacting your representatives! Cheers to making your voice heard – a thanks from me and family!!

  6. Your sister's images are moving. I recently heard about this on NPR's "The Story" with Dick Gordon. What happens to the land, water, air and noise quality is frightening it destroy's it. Here is a link to the radio show:


    Please listen.

    Thank you for including a link so that we can all help.


  7. You're sister's images are so moving…I recently heard about this on NPR's The Story with Dick Gordon. Really scary what it will do to the environment….it will destroy it! Here is the link to the radio show, please have a listen:


    Thank you for including a link so that we can help.

    I tried to leave this comment earlier, I'm not sure that it went through, my apologies if I am resending the same comment.

  8. Those are beautiful photos. I also live in PA and am strongly against this. Thanks for the post.

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