Small world.

This Author is one of my mother’s childhood friends.

p.s – I think lonny is amazing – there isn’t any other web-azine that comes close yet.

p.s2 – I realize I look like I have stopped blogging all together. The truth? The economy is tight – so I have been working more, and spending less. Like everyone else in America vacation weekends & repair /renovation projects are on the back burner. Because it makes me sad I have also been avoiding this blog. I will be back eventually I promise – but it may be awhile…

7 thoughts on “Small world.”

  1. 'Honor'. what a neat name….

    when it comes to bloging…take your time and don't let it stress you…it'll wait!

  2. m- did your mother realize who Honor's grandmother was when they were children, or was it as she got older? such a great story.

    about the blogging thing…… hugs.


  3. I will keep dropping by so I don't miss out on when you start up again :)

    Hope you are doing well and good luck on all your projects! It is wonderful that you are busy :)

    Miss you…

  4. I've had that book for a few years and I've really enjoyed it. I bought a few drawings of Margaret Sargent's from a bookstore and Maine and was captivated by her story. I regret that I sold them (probably for some home improvement purchase) after a show of her work at the MFA in Boston.

    Nice to know you haven't stopped blogging. I took a lot of inspiration from your blog as I was starting plans for the renovation of my Greek Revival cottage. I hope things turn around soon and you're able to get back to the work on your house.

  5. Totally get it – we're all there! But you can keep on cataloging your inspiration even when the projects are on hold. Love your blog!

  6. Melkorka,
    I saw some Margarett Sargent drawings for sale on eBay last week. It's been driving me crazy trying to remember who posted about this. (Paint stripper kills brain cells!)

    Thought you might be interested in knowing.


  7. ha! I sometimes I think have done major damage to my memory from paint remover fumes as well ! Thanks for the link!

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