Backyard View

One of the elements I am most fascinated with lately is the back sides of vernacular Greek Revival’s – The fronts have fairly predictable variations on the standard layouts – either the classic Temple, The more restrained¬† ‘simple’ Midwestern layout – or the ‘Hen and Chicks layout – (where temple front is flanked by smaller wings on either side).

While most farmhouse retain the strictness of their facade (save for a enclosed porch or two) – It is the back view that reveals the age and ‘accumulation’ that happens on old houses.¬† – The House Pictured below is a New Build which is artfully designed by Architect Kristine Sprague to look original. It features a back (or more correctly side?) facade that was made to look as if it naturally and ‘organically’ created over time . What I find most interesting is that the windows on the top floor do not line up symmetrically with those below – which actually minimizes¬† and relaxes the symmetrical tension of the back view.


Kristine Prague Architect’s Cliffwood Greek Revival Residence