This blog has obviously been not updated in some time.

I think my introvert nature which is what attracted me originally to collecting images & writing in solitude for hours on one topic. However it is also what  kept this blog from growing. I don’t have the drive (or skills) to socialize and promote in the way other blogs that I admire have done so well. Which isn’t a complaint, or a snark, – just a realization. After all the role of blogging has changed quite a bit since I began (in 2006!) – Instagram has replaced my need for sharing pieces of my life and Pinterest has replaced my need for  curating themed photo posts.

So what is left here is much more of an archive than a live site. I have decided to leave the blog up in case anyone else wants to troop through my archives for inspiration.

In case you came here to find out a bit about me : My name is Melkorka Kjarval. I have a freelance business with my sister Ulla, I work also for my parents farm, I got married in 2013 to my wonderful husband.  I have a BS in architecture and a certificate (back when they offered certificate programs) in Web Design. I am mostly Icelandic * . I still live full time in NYC (and have for the past 10 years) because my husbands** job is there although we try to get upstate as much as possible when the weather & budgets permit.

*and 1/4 Russian Jewish which I am very proud of
**my jobs are much more mobile/ laptop based

p.s:  My intent on this blog was to share the inspiration that I find . I am a designer myself and understand that there is an immense amount of work that goes into creating each project and  more  so to create the subsequent image. I tried to credit every image I feature – and I hope that in doing so it promotes the sources I received it from. If you feel like any post infringes upon your rights as a copyright holder, or devalues your work as its creator – and would like me to remove any content I will do so immediately.

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