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Melkorka Kjarval is a New York City based web/graphic designer. During the lucky moments she is fixing up a modest Greek revival farmhouse that she shares with her sisters in the Western Catskills. This blog is a visual catalog of projects & goals and inspiration.

Considering making a dollhouse…

for this. Really should be just saving for roof.

I haven’t built a model in a while & I just cleaned my tool area in the basement …

Thinking I may do a rough mockup in 1/4 foam core (and then if successful transfer it to 1/4 birch ply) although my current calculations have the house at almost 4′ long and 2′ deep… that is kind of crazy big right? although it would only be 20″ tall …

Small world.

This Author is one of my mother’s childhood friends.

p.s – I think lonny is amazing – there isn’t any other web-azine that comes close yet.

p.s2 – I realize I look like I have stopped blogging all together. The truth? The economy is tight – so I have been working more, and spending less. Like everyone else in America vacation weekends & repair /renovation projects are on the back burner. Because it makes me sad I have also been avoiding this blog. I will be back eventually I promise – but it may be awhile…

Scary. {A message from my little soapbox}

Fracking* for natural gas in our upstate NY and Pennsylvania could result in our own backyard version of the toxic BP spill. De-regulation by the previous administration is again putting our land and livelihoods in danger (Dick Cheney’s 2005 Energy Policy Act exempted gas drilling from adhering to the basic protections of the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Clean Water Act, or the Clear Air Act.) My sister wrote a great article about it at civileats. You can do something about it – here.

*(Fracking is when the gas companies use high pressure mix of water, sand and undisclosed chemicals into the ground to collapse and crack into horizontal deposits trapped in rock to release the gas.)

Below are some photos of what is at stake. All photos are taken by my sister Ulla Kjarval of my parent’s farm ‘Spring Lake Farm‘ (which is at risk if our natural springs are contaminated by undisclosed toxic chemicals.)

Blogging & BOL & a New Logo

Last night I went to the BOL event with my marketing dynamo sister. It was a great excuse for me to get out of the studio after pulling some long hours this last week/weekend.It is always nice to hear other bloggers talk about blogging (and the wine and swag bags didn’t hurt either – my favorite freebie was a the print above (availible on etsy ).

I really enjoyed the panel -although in the end I was too shy/tired to network or say hi to Megan Arquette ( I am a huge fan of the skirted round table ) I guess I didn’t have enough wine. ;) After being inspired last night I decided to give my blog a little fresh spring cleaning and I redid the header. Hope you all are having a good week so far!

Katie Lee Joel’s Townhouse

La Dolce Vita did a post on ‘this or that‘ a while ago and featured Katie Lee Joel’s west village town house – and I recently bought a set of mint colored chairs and they also remind me of this spread – so I haven’t been able to get the color scheme out of my head.

Her house is so airy and pretty – chocolaty browns, peony pinks, deep turquoise, bright indigo, muted greens & rusty oranges all set against soft creams and marble grays.

Sampled color blocks are how I often start to work out color schemes in my graphic design projects – so I thought I would use them to illustrate the soft color palette that is inspiring me right now.

images from domino

images from lonny

images from domino

images from domino

images from domino

images from lonny