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Backyard View

One of the elements I am most fascinated with lately is the back sides of vernacular Greek Revival’s – The fronts have fairly predictable variations on the standard layouts – either the classic Temple, The more restrained  ‘simple’ Midwestern layout – or the ‘Hen and Chicks layout – (where temple front is flanked by smaller wings on either side).

While most farmhouse retain the strictness of their facade (save for a enclosed porch or two) – It is the back view that reveals the age and ‘accumulation’ that happens on old houses.  – The House Pictured below is a New Build which is artfully designed by Architect Kristine Sprague to look original. It features a back (or more correctly side?) facade that was made to look as if it naturally and ‘organically’ created over time . What I find most interesting is that the windows on the top floor do not line up symmetrically with those below – which actually minimizes  and relaxes the symmetrical tension of the back view.


Kristine Prague Architect’s Cliffwood Greek Revival Residence

Greek Revival Flat Roofs

I found this renovation of a 1840’s Greek Revival in Salt Point, New York interesting – They added a series of flat roofed additions to the north side of the house – copying flat roofed additions in the area.

“We looked at examples of the Greek Revival style throughout the area to get ideas on how to approach the design of the new additions. Flat roofs were common on Greek Revival structures, often appearing in the front of the building,” notes Murray. via

Shipping Cargo Containers as storage


One of the largest drawbacks of our particular property is there there are no storage structures on it. So there is no place for garden tools, storage boxes, our lawn mower, lumber, scraps, furniture projects etc… They all pile up in the demolition zone which is very crowded, messy and inefficient. I have flirted with the idea of designing and building a shed but I can’t decide where would be the best place for it to be situated on the property at this point. Shipping containers are clean modern blank slates that can be easily converted into so many different spaces – and I am thinking maybe it will be a great green option for storage. Any advice? Has anyone get a shipping container delivered to the Catskills? Does anyone have any suppliers they recommend?


One of my Favorite Houses

I always had an eye on this house – it is a simple charming elegance farmhouse – isn’t it just lovely? The little peaked window frames (forgive my blurry photo below), and the wide channels on the roof are my favorite! The house went on the market at a time that I wasn’t looking, but the house and its barn look very loved now – so that is nice :).

Our Home’s Doppelganger

Greek revival’s are very very common in our neck of the woods – heck this cabin is just the next town over. But I have had a hard time finding any houses that are the same combo of the 1830’s rural Greek Revival New England house and the 1840’s ‘Midwestern Greek Revival farmhouse’. When I saw this house on a drive to Cooperstown – I noted its approximate location and on a lazy summer day we drove back to grab some photos. The house in reality is a mirror image of ours – (photoshop magic!), the windows are taller on the top floor (not pocket windows) and the enclosed porch is a different shape – but this house gives me an idea of how ours will look without the dreaded vinyl and perhaps with a few shutters? Its cute and classic and it kind of reminds me of this .