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Splish Splash I Got a New Bath… tub

Forgive my silly title I had a hard time coming up with one

The tub arrived safely in New York!

Look at all the other free stuff I got – SCORE!

A view of my parents Farm from the tub’s (temporary) new home

Whew. What a week I had! I don’t know if any of you are like me – but when I have guests over (or decide to throw my boyfriend a 28th birthday party to thank him the work he has done here) I make lists. I make tons and tons of lists and I try to accomplish months of projects in a week – needless to say I had us getting up early and quitting at 10:30pm quite often last week. I employed the help of all my sisters, parents and my ever patient boyfriend. My family and friends have a term for my ambitious (and dare we say slightly fearsome) behavior before I have guests over – they call it ‘hostess mode’. I turn into a drill sergeant – intent on finishing everything I can think of. For some reason I decided to prep and oil paint 10 pieces of furniture – and take down a tree – and make hammock stands, and mow all the lawn visible – and recover and refinish almost every table in the house… I am officially insane. Ok let’s rewind. Take a breath :) I will post more of that later but I just found my camera card with my pictures from last week so now I am going to tell you about my new tub.

Do you remember when Joan from ‘For The Love Of A House’ offered me an antique claw foot tub? Well we were trying to coordinate a good time to meet up – she and her husband Dan live about 5 hours away in New Hampshire (we live in the western Catskills) and so picking up the tub became a road trip. I truly feel really very lucky that my parents were ready and willing to help out and lend their car to the effort – that my boyfriend not only was up for a 10+ hour car trip with my parents but also said he ‘enjoyed it’ afterwards – AND of course that Joan and Dan were so friendly and generous to give us the tub in the first place. It really did feel like an adventure – and now we have this gorgeous tub to show for it. I can not wait until we have the bathroom ready for it to go in (now it is in my one of my parent’s barn waiting for the day that it can shine). AND do you see what else I got for FREE? I got two oval mirrored bathroom cabinets (so cute!) I got 3 light fixtures, TWO pedestal sinks and matching towel racks and hooks. It was like a walk into a renovator’s heaven. Oh! And I got a gift basket and dog treats for Bighead and Zoe (our dogs) – they were so happy to have them!

AND speaking of heaven – my goodness Joan and Dan’s house is so spectacular. For a house nut like me it felt like a VIP experience getting a tour through the finished product after seeing and reading about the renovation process online. It seriously felt like a house in a movie – the driveway is lined with beautiful old trees, and the house sits looking towards a rolling hill edged with a white fence. The house itself is filled with so much light – the windows are really large for an old house. The rooms are painted this unbelievable color which made the light sparkle throughout. Joan and Dan kept all the original windows which won major points with my preservationist-minded family. Joan’s taste is so lovely she has made the house so welcoming and warm, and even though it is filled with beautiful antiques and the effect is really modern. I can’t wait until she posts pictures of her finished rooms for you guys to see.

As for sharing photos,– Joan encouraged me to share more – I guess It is hard for me to show everyone really HOW messy everything is here – how dirty and well unfinished it is – but she told me that she enjoys seeing the ‘nitty gritty’ and that I shouldn’t be afraid to let you guys in on how overwhelming it is. It was so nice to talk to another home blogger and hear encouragement – I try to be a private person on this blog keeping it from overlapping with my other online presences – but I think it will be more rewarding to open up a bit – So hopefully you will enjoy seeing the ‘unfinished’ parts of our house.

It is funny I have met a lot of food bloggers through my sister (and part-time business partner) but I had never met another renovation blogger – and I was just amazed that we spoke the same enthusiastic house loving language. It was just such a great experience – but I think mostly because Joan and Dan we just such nice and funny people – after driving for 5 + hours we must have seemed particularly frazzled but they really put us at ease and made us feel welcome. So a big THANK YOU to Joan, Dan and Ella!

p.s- If you haven’t already go check out Joan’s lovely blog For The Love Of A House

Clawfoot Tubs

image from Martha Stewart Living

So you may remember my earlier posts on my bathrooms. They are kind of horrible disturbing messes. Decorno has nothing on my ugly bathrooms, seriously I have only posted one because the others are so bad. Anyways I was lamenting how nothing looks ‘finished’ yet and using one of our sorry bathrooms as an example and guess what?

Joan of For the Love Of A House Is GIVING us a clawfoot tub. Can you imagine? isn’t that just the kindest thing you have ever heard of? This world of blogging is just so amazing. if you haven’t heard of her blog before, they have been doing a delicious remodel on a farmhouse in New Hampshire; really beautiful. So in honor of Joan’s nice offer I am posting some of my favorite claw foot tub pictures below.

image via deocorology



Image from Domino (Amanda Peet’s house)

image from World of Interiors via peak of chic

image via Vintage Chair


Before and During

The problem with ‘Before and Afters’ is that we don’t really have any ‘Afters’ yet because everything is still being done, and most everything we have done so far is just temporary so we haven’t done any finish work that would make you say ‘wow that is an improvement’ its more like – wow that is still a mess!

This picture is a perfect example of what we have done – we removed the fake paneling, and strange wallpaper board, but are left with drywall with raised glue marks – and because I am not sure of the eventual layout of this bathroom we have just left it. We replaced the sink with the one we got on sale. Which really changes the scale of the room. Do You notice how low the windows are on the second floor – apparently this style of window is called a ‘pocket’ window because to open them they slip up into the wall. It is a disconcerting height to have windows but the dogs love looking out them – they are at the perfect level for them.

My favorite change though is the floor. The self-stick tiles were in fine condition but I couldn’t help but remove them – it was sticky sticky work because they were stuck directly onto the old floor. The funny thing is that I decided to remove them the week before my sisters boyfriend’s parents were coming to visit and it was a mad scramble to finish it before they arrived… It was a weird process involving crowbars, paint scrapers, hammers, crowbars and scary toxic goop-off to remove the left over adhesive but the result is really nice in person.

Mostly that has been our projects, removing out of date paneling and linoleum, floor tiles, basically just peeling back the aging cheap superficial layers. I promise we have a vision that will look better than this eventually.


images from Domino magazine

I love clean small ordered bathrooms, the kind of bathroom where it feels intimate but where there is also ample storage to hide you need. for materials I like gleaming white tile , pickled wood, and high gloss white paint. The bathtub we have now (below) is one of those fiberglass tub surrounds which is actually luckily a very nice bright white, and save for some flaws on the bottom of the tub cleaned up quite nicely. Obviously it isn’t luxurious, or permanent but it is a relief that it is in good shape and clean for now…

Below is the sink we bought at home depot a ‘Kohler Leighton pedestal lavatory’ which was originally 431 and we got on clearance for 101! I like that it has a generous basin and is slightly reminiscent of the rectangular sinks that are popular now (and $$$) but perhaps won’t be as dated…

Image from Kholer.

Below are two ideas I love by Domino cutting 1×1′ marble tile to make a marble subway pattern, and white penny tile – i hope to experiment with both of these somewhere here in the house…

images from Domino magazine