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Portico Light Options

So Work is under way on our portico – The Portico faces northwest and enters into our Farmhouse’s back ell. The Back ell (Part of most ‘progressive farmhouse’  plans of the time – is a fairly long one story structure that originally housed the kitchen, summer kitchen, workshop and a shed.)  When we purchased the house it was one single apartment unit  –  but once we finish it will house our kitchen, dining, and living areas.

The Repairs on the portico are being done by this talented guy (we still have to add in the stairs and paint). You can see in this photo how the ell joins to the the front 1 1/2 story structure to the left – we plan on removing the small ‘over the sink’ window to the right – and replacing an original window that was originally between the two.  This is also the side of the house where we will eventually have our ‘parking area’ – so the portico entrance – as wonky as it is – will be the ‘front entrance’.

Photos By Ulla Kjarval

(ignore the 70’s mattress in the back photo – the interior of the ell  is still pretty rough so we are using it as storage until we start that project)

I have been intrigued by Moravian stars for our a Portico Light.

Moravian star images via Pinterst

Which made me interested in this vintage lantern from our local NYSALVAGE

However – My favorite flush mount pendant  so far – has been this art deco – one  from High Street Market Home, it has a strong graphic presence – while still being simple and understated enough for a farm house.  Greek revival style of course existed before the advent of electricity – so while Art Deco was  a style that only  came into existence over 80 years after the  house was originally constructed  – It is probably not so far off to think that the first fixtures (think of when electricity would have been installed in a rural farmhouse)  in this house – would be art deco or something similar.

Want To Make This Bench…

image from MSL

I wonder if it is beyond my skill set? we shall see…. I know my way around the tool shop – but making something sturdy, that won’t collapse like a pile of sticks? I am not sure…

And a HUGE thank you to Julie she nominated me on her blog, Shelter for the Splash award! It is such a compliment coming from someone with such impeccable style – and the other nominees are so talented as well – it makes me feel super super lucky :). ps- i will be passing it along soon :)

Doors- glossy black or cheery color?

Ive never lived with a glossy black door, they are very London glamorous/ swanky and preppy, and of course practical – but i wonder if in person they are a bit foreboding? Certainly a cheery color greeting you is more inviting?

image from House and Garden

image from House Beautiful

image from domino

image from This Old House

image from Better Homes and Gardens

image from better homes and gardens

My own Photo of house in Buffalo, NY

Hats off!

image from Renovation Style Magazine

image from Vouge Living

image from Myra Hoefer Design via alicia b designs

image from coastal living via absolutelybeautifulthings via shelterblog

After seeing absolutely beautiful things’ post on beach hats I had to throw my hats into the ring (more like my collected hat pictures). Although my hat collection is more the country straw farm/garden hats, I really love the idea of artfully displaying items that are both used and useful. Collections of precious/breakable objects stress me out – but that is mostly just because I am ridiculously clumsy, and I have been known to break things as I am attempting to dust them!

My Dad always favored tough Australian suede rancher hats (I remember vividly when his hat went through the baler and survived albeit a bit chewed up!) , my mom more a fan of the large peasant-y straw brimmed hats, and I like everything in between – currently they are stacked on top of our refrigerator in the kitchen but I am hoping to get some shaker like pegs in the entryway to make them easier to reach / display.