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Small world.

This Author is one of my mother’s childhood friends.

p.s – I think lonny is amazing – there isn’t any other web-azine that comes close yet.

p.s2 – I realize I look like I have stopped blogging all together. The truth? The economy is tight – so I have been working more, and spending less. Like everyone else in America vacation weekends & repair /renovation projects are on the back burner. Because it makes me sad I have also been avoiding this blog. I will be back eventually I promise – but it may be awhile…

Nightmare project

concept illustration by Ron Marvin

This article made me think of all those awkward design projects where the client and designer relationship doesn’t flow well. Half of a designing job is being creative and using your prior experience to anticipate needs – and the other half is listening, explaining and generally being patient. Sometimes some jobs require you to be very, very patient.