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Hamptons weekend retreat

First off -I am a fan of the wide white plank walls. They are both textural and calm, while also adding graphic linear dimension to the rooms.


Black ‘Moderne’ style fixtures paired with dark beams and pale pine floors .

Lots of  blue graphic in the rugs and bedding that keep the space current – but the combination of  thin black window frames and fixtures, light pine floors and glossy white paneled walls  are timeless.

Love the gridded alignment of the bottom windows that make the space feel both open and protected.

Soaring ceiling, and cozy seating.

Another glamorous and simple fireplace surround.

Also interesting in the house are the mixs of floors, dark wood in the living area, limed in the dining,brick  tiled in the kitchen and pale pine in the upstairs. I think while I love the contrast of the dark floors with the white walls – I like the simple yellow pine best.

Lonny Mag (sep 2012 issue)
Interior Design Ariiane Goldman
Photography Patrick Cline
Art Direction Michelle Adams

Rustic and calm Hollywood home

I love the sculptural calm of this fireplace where the soot has formed a patina on the brick that contrasts the white plaster and becomes a design element.

These two tablescape shots really pull all the design elements together, soft pink – faded peacock textile, rough wood, elegant black iron, paned glass, textural baskets and organic brass.

Love the dark tall library bookcases.

The kitchen with it’s white counters, and pickled paneled doors  is so simple and warm without being expected.


One of my favorite pairings is of  danish modern chairs with worn farmhouse tables. The red gingham is a burst of color from an  unexpected palette.

This little setup in the hallway is both eccentric and warm, I can’t see using that chair other than for resting items – I love the glazed pot holding the glossy leaved plant which warms up all the other elements.

The Living room features the two distinct seating areas – again pulling in elegant iron, worn peacock/indigo blue fabrics, pale  linen and white plaster and full but spare window treatments.

The master bedroom is both glamorous while also showcasing worn rustic.

The Nursery holds some of my favorite elements of the house – gray palette, worn peacock blue rug – large baskets and natural greenery, soaring rafters and the elegant iron curtain rods with full curtains.

This child’s room with its tall ceilings is still warm and cozy with the layered textures and pale pink shades.

This house of course highlights the decorators new home line Mint – I love her taste in everything (except for the art section – sorry JT!)

Lonny Mag (aug 2012 issue)
Interior Design Estee Stanley
Photography Patrick Cline
Art Direction Michelle Adams

Does anyone else watch Cougar Town just for the set design?

The kitchen:

classic stove:

look at the pantry with the partially frosted glass door – I love the effect!

see how the microwave is placed counter height but recessed in to a column of cabinents by the refrigerator?:
A lot of scenes are shot around the large glossy black topped island:

The front hall features a coat rack/umbrella stand made of bamboo:

I love the use of bright pattern and color set against neutrals in this sun-drenched ‘Floridian’ set.
All these shots below show the pair of french doors that make the living room meld with the ‘outside’

Her Dinette set with wicker chairs

solid Coral Couch with seashells and blue accents

shot from the living room area back at the kitchen:
I love the pattern on this chair:

Her bedroom –

Her Best Friend and Neighbors house – more eccentric /french/ citrusy and a bit less warm

Real Estate Office – filled with warm apple greens turquoise and bright white

all shots are screen shots off of hulu – set design by Archie D’Amico

Are Chandeliers Over?

image from House and Garden?

Right after posting my wood paneled wall post I read the editorial that Paper Aeroplane posted – in which paneled walls are named as tacky! I guess it is the nature of design; a theme feels fresh and creatively juicy and then after a while the idea loses a bit of its juice and its luster. I think tongue and cheek themes like the modern play on Louis furniture, or chandeliers in the bathroom can seem like joke told one to many times, the unexpected mix becomes expected and silly.

But is ‘glamor’ passe? I think after a decade or so of dollar stores and Walmart’s, selling us affordable plasticized versions of everything under the sun fabricated cheaper by the labor of less privileged nations – it has been nice to appreciate quality, real materials, valued labor. I feel like we are interested by where our ‘things’ come from, and the impact that their creation and often times disposal has on the environment. Not that I always shop that way – but there is more information out there for us to learn about the consequences of our purchases. I hope that glamor means something new, that luxury means something new -less is more, quality is more, light, air and space is more. That must be the country girl in me thinking fresh air and sunlight are glamorous! lol. Anyways the editorial is candy for thought. Truth be told I have really been enjoying this lack of marketing in the media directed at me as a buyer. I know it isn’t good for the economy – but I sometimes felt like a walking target – you need this! you life will be better with this! how can you not have this? get it in all 10 colors… And now because I am rambling I am going to end this post.

Oh so Pretty

Recordtheday has been one of my favorite reads this last year. The sumptuous collages combine beautiful images and texture – just lovely. Those Orange slices in the summer drinks – perfect! And I love the pink table with juxtaposed with the Girly china -my sister has been on a Czech Porcelain Lustre tea set ebay kick and has gotten some unbelievable pieces. I think I am finally getting bored with my all-white china craze. Well maybe not yet…